Review Crew

We have been blessed with the opportunity to try out many great products. What a privilege it is to share our findings with my readers.

We've been so blessed to be on the Schoolhouse Review Crew, for the 2010-2011 school year; 2011-2012 school year; the extended 2012 year; 2013 year; 2015 year. Through 2015, I have shared a total of 189 reviews with you. I pray they are a blessing, and you find them helpful.

Excited to be back on the Crew for the second half of 2017!

Our review list for 2017:

Greek N Stuff
Doctor Aviation
Mapelle Films
Fascinating Education
Homeschool in the Woods
Homeschool Planet

Our review list for 2015:

GrapeVine Studies
Brinkman Adventures
Brookdale House-Drawing Around the World:Europe
FishFlix #2-When Calls the Heart
Progeny Press-Stone Fox
Middlebury Interactive Languages-Spanish
YWAM Publishing-Ben Carson:A Chance at Life
Dig-It! Games
Writing With Sharon Watson
Heirloom Audio Productions
Homeschool in the Woods
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
SmartKidz Media
CTC Math
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Memoria Press
Homeschool Legacy
Successful Homeschooling Made Easy
Real Life Press/Guide to Daylight
ARTistic Pursuits
Ready to Teach/Greek Morphemes
Lord Heritage/HomeSchool Office
GPA Learning
Koru Naturals
Heirloom Audio Productions
Great Commission Films/IndoctriNation

Our review list for the 2013 year:

At Home in Dogwood Mudhole
Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns
Diary of a Real Payne Book 1: True Story, via Barbour Publishing
God's World Magazine
Chess House
YWAM Publishing
Presidential Game
In the Hands of a Child
Family Hope Center
Notgrass Company
Legacy Documentaries
BrainFood Learning
Christi the Coupon Coach (Molly Crew)
Picaboo Yearbooks
Susan Marlow/Kregal Publications
Moving Beyond the Page
Baker Publishing Group
Birdcage Press
Math Mammoth
Joyce Herzog--Budding Authors
Homefires--Papa's Pearls
Home School in the Woods
Progeny Press
Leadership Garden Legacy
Salem Ridge Press
Adventus MusIQ HomeSchool
Classical Academic Press, The Art of Poetry
Artistic Pursuits
College Common Sense
A+ Tutorsoft Interactive Math
Handwriting Without Tears
Apologia Elementary Science

Our review list for the extended 2012 year:

Growing Up Wild
Grace and Truth Books--Of Knights and Fair Maidens
Apologia--Journeys of Faithfulness
Beloved Books
Samson's Classroom
Crossbow Education
National Tax Training
Dayspring Christian Academy~The Pilgrim Story
Box of IDEAS
Homeschool Legacy
Raising Real Men
Family Time Fitness
Marshall Publishing
Golden Prairie Press--Costumes With Character
Christian Liberty Press--Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers
Vocabulary SpellingCity
TJ Ed~This Week in History
Math Made Easy
King Alfred's English Book
Create Better Writers
Zane Education
Super Duper Publications
Knowledge Quest
Keyboarding for the Christian School
Professor B
Hewitt Homeschooling
IXL Math
Pearson enVision Math
Discovery Scope

Our review list for the 2011-2012 year:

Dive into Your Imagination
Heritage History
Write Shop
Library and Educational Services
Critical Thinking Company
Amazing Science
Bright Ideas Press--Christian Kids Explore Science
Write with WORLD
TruthQuest History
Amazing Animals by Design 
I See Sam
Action Alert
Progeny Press
CAP Art of Argument
Creek Edge Press
K5 Learning
Reading Eggs
Apologia--Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?
See N Spell
Math Rider
We Choose Virtues
Learn Our History
Maestro Classics--Swan Lake
ZeeZok Publishing--Z-Guides to the Movies
I See Cards
Teacher Geek
Artistic Pursuits
Great Commission Language   
The Reading Game
Read Naturally--One Minute Reader
CollegePrep Genius
Keyboard Town Pals
Bower Books--The Person I Marry
Ooka Island
Excellence in Literature
Marshall Publishing--G. W. Carver DVD
NorthStar Games--Say Anything
Educating the WholeHearted Child
Visual Latin
Scruble Cube
Aletheia Writing Magazine
Games for Competitors--Tri-Cross
AIMS Education Foundation
R & R Games--Flea Circus
How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids

Our review list for the 2010-2011 year:

Eagle's Wings--Considering God's Creation
Pearson Education--1st Grade Social Studies
Talking Fingers--Wordy Qwerty
Mad Dog Math
Bright Ideas Press--WonderMaps
Circle C Beginnings
Yesterday's Classics
See the Light Art Class
Growing Healthy Homes-Nutrition 101: Choose Life
GoGo Kabongo
Zeezok Publishing-zguide to the Movies
Latin Alive!
The Reading Kingdom
The Curiosity Files--MRSA
VocabAhead Vocabulary Videos
Dig-It! Games, Roman Town
City Creek Press, Times Alive!
Virtual Nerd
See-N-Read Reading Tools
North Star Games Wits & Wagers Family
The Write Foundation
PG Key
Soli Deo Gloria Resources
Zoe and Sozo Publishing
Vocabulary Cartoons
America's Math Teacher
Time4Learning Writing
Travel Kits--A Simple Way to Bless Others
Travel the World!

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