Wednesday, September 30, 2015

High School Language Arts

Here I am, scrambling again to get this post written on Tuesday night! Yikes! ...In my defense (or as an excuse) for today: our internet was down most of the day!

This month we are discussing high school language arts. We have tried several different things around here, thanks especially to being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

One of our favorite products we've used (which Botanist Boy used his 9th grade year) is King Alfred's English, by Laurie J. White. She has resources on her website, so your student can make the most of studying this book.

As you may remember, we recently reviewed Illuminating Literature: When Worlds Collide, by Writing with Sharon Watson. Botanist Boy enjoys reading the books (but not so much doing any activities along with them, like answering comprehension questions).

We've also reviewed Excellence in Literature by Everyday Education, and The Art of Poetry, by Classical Academic Press.

It seems my children like best to just read classic literature, and sprinkle in a bit of poetry, without following any curriculum.

This year, we are attempting to work through Write Your Roots (which I was able to purchase on sale last spring), to work on some of the writing techniques, etc., as well as helping the boys learn about their ancestry. I may be enjoying it more than they are!

Botanist Boy is also doing a copious amount of writing on his own, and has even begun his own blog on which he shares some of his creative writing. He'd love to have you come read and subscribe to his blog, Daniel's Writings.

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