Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our week with Hanna's Cold Winter

This week, Little Bit "rowed" Hanna's Cold Winter. It's been an enjoyable week

We learned about Hungary, locating it on the map. Since Hanna's Cold Winter is set during World War II, we also briefly talked about the war.

A few years ago, our two flat travelers were able to go with another Five in a Row family to Hungary. They made a wonderful journal, highlighting the specific locations mentioned in Hanna's Cold Winter. They also enclosed brochures from the zoo, postcards, and a few forints. This week we had fun looking through these things, and compared the pictures to the book illustrations.

We learned about Franz Liszt, and listened to his Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, on YouTube:

Another topic covered was the Danube River, so we looked for "The Blue Danube" on YouTube, too.

Next, we learned about Hungarian Paprika, since the father in Hanna's Cold Winter unloaded wagons of paprika at the factory.


Szeged Tourism: Paprika Making Process -- powered by ehow

Finally, we learned about hippos, through reading Hippopotamus, by Lynn M. Stone; using the lapbook components at Homeschool Share; and a couple pages in book 8 of Draw Write Now. 

Also, because of the hard winter Europe is currently having, I have been calling Little Bit's attention to mentions of that in the news.

I hope Little Bit had as much fun as his mother did! ;-)

Delightful Learning

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  1. Thanks for linking up to the FIAR link-up Wendy! It was fun to see your post - I didn't realize that there were any Vol 4 rows linked up! Such a blessing! We just finished Hanna's Cold Winter - wish I would have seen your post before we did!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Michelle. Hanna's Cold Winter was one of our favorites. My youngest asked me to read it to him just the other day (he's 12 now). :)


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