Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wordless Wednesday, August 16 {with link up}

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Victory Through Watchfulness {a devotional}

Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Mark 14:38.

Temptations may be all around you, yet you are safe as long as you do not enter into them. Many of us are overcome by Satan because we walk right into temptation.... It is your business to keep aloof from everyone and everything which will have a tendency to lead you away from duty and divert your mind from God.... If compelled to be in the society of those who are evil, you are not compelled to enter into or engage in their evil. You can, by prayer and watching, remain unsullied by the evil manifested about you.

“Watch and pray” is an injunction often repeated in the Scriptures. In the lives of those who obey this injunction there will be an undercurrent of happiness that will bless all with whom they are brought in contact. Those who are sour and cross in disposition will become sweet and gentle; those who are proud will become meek and lowly.

A man cannot be a happy Christian unless he is a watchful Christian. He who overcomes must watch; for with worldly entanglements, error, and superstition, Satan strives to win Christ’s followers from Him, and to keep their minds employed with his devices. It is not enough that we avoid glaring dangers and perilous, inconsistent moves. We are to keep close to the side of Christ, walking in the path of self-denial and self-sacrifice. We are not to allow our spiritual perceptions to be blinded, as they often are, by a strong, determined will. And in order to detect the artifices of Satan and to withstand his unexpected attacks, we must have the grace of Christ and the impartation of His Spirit....

God’s Word warns us that we have manifold enemies, not open and avowed, but enemies who come with smooth words and fair speeches, and who would deceive if possible the very elect. Thus Satan comes. And again, when it suits his purpose, he goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Man’s will, unless kept in subjection to the will of God, is as often on the enemy’s side as on the Lord’s side. Therefore watch unto prayer; watch and pray always. ~Our High Calling
, by E.G. White

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Math Essentials {Homeschool Review Crew}

My youngest is actually approaching high school! Eek! And my middle son is approaching graduation! Eek, again! The past few weeks, we've been using No-Nonsense Algebra, from Math Essentials.

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times (okay, maybe only dozens of times): Math is not our strongest subject around here...well, at least for most of us. I think it's still the youngest student's best subject, favorite subject, easiest subject, whatever. I'm always on the look out for resources that will make math easier for us all.
No-Nonsense Algebra
Math Essentials provides "math curriculum for home or school." The materials use a tested teaching strategy, which is easy to use and easy to understand. They offer books for upper elementary through high school Algebra.

No-Nonsense Algebra is a complete algebra program. It is a softcover textbook, with access to online video tutorials. Your student will write out the problems and solutions on separate paper, rather than working in the book. I think that's great! Because then it can be used by multiple children within your family.

First page of the Table of Contents
As you can see from the Table of Contents, the lessons begin with the basic facts of Algebra, advancing to the more complex processes.
Each 2-page lesson has an introduction, helpful hints, examples, exercises, and review. This means, your student can fairly quickly get through each lesson, without feeling bogged down or overwhelmed (which happens often for my 17 year old, since he dislikes math so much...and for my youngest, because of his learning challenges).

I really like that there is a video tutorial for each lesson. That means I don't have to try showing my son how to work out the solutions for the problems! (Have I said, math is my weakest subject? Ha!)
Each lesson consists of the instructor explaining the information as he works the solutions on the whiteboard. And if your student needs to have it explained again, he can just rewatch the video!

My 17 year old has decided he wants to skip his senior year, and take the his birthday in December. He has been using No-Nonsense Algebra to help be better prepared for the Algebra portions of the GED test. He, of course, is able to work on it independently.

It's a bit of a different story with my youngest, because of his learning challenges. So, I read the introduction and helpful hints. Then watches the video tutorial, after which he copies out the examples. Next he will attempt to tackle the exercises. If he needs to, he will watch the tutorial again...and again, as many times as he needs to. Then he will end with the review problems.

I won't put much stock in my 17 year old's assessment, because he really does dislike math so much. But my youngest seems to really like it. He says the video tutorials really help him understand how to do the exercises. I really am wishing I had this for my oldest two offspring. Then again, they might still benefit from it, if they were to sit down and use it themselves. After all, one of my main goals in homeschooling my children was to teach them to be life-long, self learners.

I really would suggest Math Essentials for your children. I may be checking out a couple of the other levels, as supplements for my youngest. It seems he can't get enough of math! ...Now, other subjects, that's a different story! Ha!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wordless Wednesday, August 9 {with link up}

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Greek 'n' Stuff {Homeschool Review Crew}

I try to have a mostly-Bible-based homeschool in our household, so I am always on the lookout for resources to help with that. The past few weeks, my youngest son has been using the King James Version of I Can Study Acts Alone With God Bible Study, from Greek 'n' Stuff.
Alone With GodBible Study
ActsKing James Version
This fifty-two (52) week study is laid out nicely in short, daily portions, with check boxes, and is designed for late elementary ages and up.

The beginning of each week's lesson lists the whole passage which will be covered for the week. We read the whole portion at once. Then the lesson is divided in to daily portions, covering 6 days, labeled Monday through Saturday. We actually did them Sunday through Friday, on average, since our Sabbath mornings are pretty busy getting ready for church.

Each day starts with "Pray. Ask God to help you in studying His Word." Then suggests to read or recite the week's memory verse. Then there are two or three questions, with verses to find the answers, and lines on which to fill in the answers.

Each day also has a box, in which there is further information. The week ends with a "Think and Pray About It" information box.

Greek 'n' Stuff has several Bible lessons: Jonah & Ruth; 1 Samuel; Esther, in addition to Acts, each using either King James Version or New International Version. They also have resources for learning Greek and Latin.

We chose Acts, because Acts covers the story of Stephen, since my tester's name is Steven. We also want to study more about the early history of the Christian church.

Each day, we worked on the lesson together, Steven and I. He is my struggling learner, is learning challenged, so I read aloud to him the Bible passages, and helped him find the answers to the questions. Then, I underlined the words in my Bible, and he copied them onto the lines in the workbook. I also read the words in the box aloud to him.

These Bible studies are perfect for helping children develop the habit of daily Bible study, because each day's portion is bite-sized. From what I can see, these studies are Biblically accurate. I know that my Seventh-day Adventist friends will appreciate hearing that information.

For example, it is clarified that an angel is a created being who is a little higher in dignity than man, and is not a human being who has died. Or when it talks about Stephen, while being stoned, fell asleep. It is clarified that that means he died.

I am considering the possibility of suggesting these Bible studies to be used by the earliteen Sabbath school class that I help lead out a couple Sabbaths a month. I may plan to have Steven use this to accompany his reading (or listening) of the book, The Acts of the Apostles, by E.G. White, later on.

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