Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rosemont Plantation, Jefferson Davis' boyhood home

Our final recent field trip was to Rosemont Plantation, Jefferson Davis' boyhood home. We live just a few miles away (and, frankly, it was the "inspiration" for my name for our hobby farm/homeschool!).

First we listened to a recording about the history of Rosemont, and Jefferson Davis.

Rosemont was built about 1810 by Samuel and Jane Davis, the parents of Jefferson Davis. It was the Davis family home until 1895. Jefferson Davis was the youngest of ten children, and was two years old when the family moved to Rosemont from Kentucky.

It was home to Jefferson Davis, only President of the Confederate States of America, which he visited throughout his life. It is the only surviving Davis built home.

An original c. 1843 oil chandelier hangs in the main entry hall, with huge wood-grained doors which open at either end onto galleries (porches) which run the length of the home.

Throughout the home are displayed many original Davis family items. Many Davis furnishings also remain in the home, including the Davis four poster bed and several family portraits.

The chandelier
Max is holding a pen used by Jefferson Davis

Books that belonged to the Davis family

Jefferson Davis and his wife

President Jefferson Davis

In the kitchen house
Stove in the kitchen house
Also in the kitchen house
The cistern
Max is pulling the bell rope
Five generations of the Davis family lived here and are buried in the cemetery at Rosemont.
Davis family cemetary
Be sure to read more about Rosemont.

I hope you've enjoyed our plantation tour! I'm pretty sure Max did! What do you think?
If you missed the first two field trips, you can find them here: Oakley Plantation; Rosedown Plantation.

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  1. I love visiting historical places like this! What a neat field trip!

  2. How fun! Thank you for the tour. I LOVE the photos!

  3. What fun! My parents took us to a lot of historical places when I was growing up and it is something I need to do more with my kids.

    Thanks for the book recommendations!

  4. We love touring historic homes. Lovely!

  5. It has been so long since we toured there. It would be fun to plan to go together when the weather is pretty again, before it gets too hot.


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