Thursday, October 1, 2015

Middlebury Interactive Languages-High school Spanish {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Between the fact that Botanist Boy is college bound and the fact he hopes and plans to be a missionary, learning foreign languages is pretty much a necessity for him. We were thankful for the opportunity to check out Middlebury Interactive Languages. He chose to explore High School Spanish 1.

Middlebury Interactive Languages is an immersion style online program which offers courses in Spanish, French, Chinese and German, for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. I like that, along with learning the language, your student is also learning about the culture of that country.
The course is self-paced, and is structured around four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through the use of multimedia activities and exercises, your student is introduced to sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary.

We received six months access, which is one semester. Each semester contains 18 units, including mid-term and final assessments. Each unit is divided into 5 lessons, so your student could cover a lesson a day. Botanist Boy was actually working at a slower pace than that.
When we log in, we see the table of contents along the left side of the screen. As he completes each lesson, it is checked off with a green check mark. I like that feature, because it makes it easy for me to see his progress.

It is also good that the instructions for each exercise are clear. I think one thing that frustrated Botanist Boy was that he had to "guess what each phrase means in English," even though the correct answers were then shared afterward.
Throughout the course of the week, your student works his/her way through such things as vocabulary introduction, warm-up, matching, speaking lab, listening and reading, pronunciation, grammar, and culture.
I like that the program assists the student in not only learning how to speak the language, but also teaches him/her in learning to read the language. There are also reading comprehension exercises, aiding in this instruction.
Another nice feature is your student can print off the vocabulary lessons, which provide him with the Spanish phrases, alongside the English phrases. Botanist Boy printed them off as he went. There are other printables available, such as a suggestions for becoming a life-long learner (which got me to thinking; maybe I should go through this course myself!).

In the speaking lab, your student will listen to phrases, then repeat them, using a microphone, to compare them to the audio. Obviously, then, you would need speakers and microphone for this program. We actually have headphones and microphone combined.
Botanist Boy feels this program isn't as interactive as he's used to with the program he is using to learn French. Little Bit is not ready yet to try this out. Seriously, I may just complete the course myself, since I never had the chance to take Spanish in high school.

To learn more about high school Middlebury Interactive Languages, view this video demo.

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 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

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