Friday, October 2, 2015

Stirring of the Wind {100 Themes} with link up

Welcome to another week of "100 Themes." Thank you for stopping by.

When I was a girl, in early elementary school, I began writing poems. True, while I was very young, they were quite simple little poems. My skills matured as I did. I was most prolific in my poetry writing during my high school years in to young adulthood. After my children began arriving. my poetry writing basically came to a halt. I haven't written any in...well, probably a couple decades now.

Throughout these "100 Themes" I will share my poems on occasion. Maybe I'll even become inspired to write a few new ones!

My Stronghold

The wind blew fierce,
driving the snow
Into hard-packed drifts.
It whistled and moaned
Around the building’s corners.

The weeds bent low
under the force.
The trees whipped and creaked,
skeletons against the
Grey, bleak sky.

There in the sky
hung a bird,
Skillfully riding the currents.
So free, was he,
From the turbulence around him.

All about me
beat the winds of strife,
Threat’ning to overcome me.
I cry for help
To my mighty Stronghold.

He holds me safely
in His strong hand,
And gently carries me through.
Listen my dear friend—
For He’ll do the same for you.

by Wendy KAR
written December 8, 1982

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