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CashCrunch Careers {Homeschool Crew Review}

During my teen years, one of the most challenging decisions I was faced with was trying to decide what career I wanted to pursue. Why? Because there were too many things I was interested in. Too many careers from which to choose! It seems some of my kids have taken after me in that respect.

I was grateful for the opportunity to check out the online aptitude survey, CashCrunch Careers, from CashCrunch Games. It was possible for Jen, SJ and me to take this survey.
First, we each set up our own account, then we each took the survey. The survey consists of 75 pairs of words, and you must choose which of the two best describes who you really are. It's important to keep that in mind; don't choose the trait you want to be, or who others seem to think you are, but who you really are.

There were a few pairs I found a little challenging, because either they both described me, or neither of the two describe me. If you hover the cursor over the word, a couple synonyms pop up. That can help clarify your choice.
After completing and submitting the survey, a careers report is generated. This report will show you your career work styles, your motivators and de-motivators, your career attributes, and finally the career match which lists your matching jobs.

First, I'll share SJ's results. I see him in some of this, and yet not in other areas. But this may be how he actually sees himself, and I suppose that's the important thing.

For example: yes, I can see he displays energy; but I don't really see him displaying leadership skills, nor that others follow him as a leader. I can see how he could seek out opportunities to meet people and make new contacts, but I am not sure he's that proficient in managing relationships. And I sort of disagree where it says routine is a de-motivator for him, because he seems to thrive on routine...especially when he can establish his own routine! He certainly does dislike vague instructions and inadequate direction.
As for this list of career attributes, the one that most nearly "hits the nail on the head" is cooperation. He his definitely pleasant with others, he's nearly always good-natured, very charming, and team-oriented.
Jen's work styles, motivators & de-motivators, and attributes vary from SJ's (and mine).

I am sure they have observed her work styles at her current job with McDonald's: interpersonal issues don't interfere with her work performance; she enjoys helping others; is a source of team stability. And others seem to come to her with their problems.

And I know for a fact that the list of de-motivators is very true for her!
Her career attributes are pretty much right on. She has a high concern for others, and has a high sense of integrity.
I went ahead and took the survey as well. I am at a point where, as a single mom, and down to homeschooling only one child, I seriously need to look into a source of income, even if it's just a part-time job for now.

As I mentioned earlier, I have such a wide variety of interests, it's hard to narrow it down to one. I thought this might provide an idea of what would be best suited for my attributes.

Yes, I definitely prefer to work behind the scenes! I do like time to plan, and written communications.
These attributes most certainly do describe me well, especially attention to detail and analytical thinking. Yeah, I tend to "analyze things to death."
So I see how these all are beneficial in "painting a picture" of each of us, but then when we look at the matching jobs...well, the lists are all the same! I find that a little confusing. It doesn't seem to really provide concrete suggestions based on the above information. I'd hoped for more clarity in that respect.

From there, you explore careers by clicking on one of the generalized listings. This takes you to a page that provides information on projected growth rate, tasks, activities, attributes, abilities, work values and skills. On that page, you can click on a tab to show you college recommendations, and another tab with takes you to a video which gives you an overall idea of tasks, activities, abilities, work values and skills for that type of position.
If you click on one of the resources in the left hand column, it will take you to a detailed, alphabetized list of suggested careers. From there, you can explore even further.

This is a comprehensive list, truthfully. I think SJ may come back to this several times to explore these possibilities over the next two or three years, to provide further suggestions and guidance during his decision-making process.

If you're looking for a resource to act as a springboard for your child as he considers his career choices, this is worth checking into.

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