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Apologia Health and Nutrition {Homeschool Crew Review}

Have you been searching for a Christian resource for your high school student for their health and nutrition credit? I am excited to share with you Apologia Educational Ministries' new Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition, by Dr. Laura Chase. We were recently blessed with the opportunity to use and review the Health and Nutrition Basic Set, which is recommended for grades 8-12.
This homeschool health and nutrition set includes a hardcover student textbook and a student notebook. Like all of Apologia's science texts, this one is full of bright, colorful illustrations. You'll find the usual On Your Own questions and Think About This segments, as well as projects throughout. The answers to the On Your Own questions are found at the end of each chapter in the student text.

The student notebook makes filling in the answers to the On Your Own questions simple. There are pages for note taking while reading the text. Also at the end of each chapter is a study guide for your student to fill in. Module tests are at the back of the student notebook, and the answers for those are found online. There is a password at the beginning of the textbook to use to access the book extras online.

There is also a suggested schedule at the beginning of the student notebook. If your student works on this course three days a week, he can complete it over the full school year. Or he can work on it daily, and complete it in one semester. Because SJ is a struggling learner, we are taking the slower pace. Usually I read the text to him; sometimes he wants to read it himself. If the text were available through Audible, I'd certainly get it for him. :)
During module 1, SJ learned about genetics, temperaments, and other natural inclinations and patterns. A simple temperament test is included in the notebook. To be honest, his results surprised me! And, yet, when I really stop and think about it, they shouldn't be too surprising.
I think it would be fun to administer this test to the teen class at church which I help lead. Though perhaps my estimation of each of them is also inaccurate. <sheepish grin>
Module 2 covers physical influences on thoughts and feelings, discussing the nervous system, brain illness, and the endocrine system. Of course, we already know a bit about the pancreas, insulin, and diabetes, since SJ's sister has been dealing with that nearly all of SJ's life.

SJ's opinion so far is that it's good. He's looking forward to learning more as he works through the text. He finds all the writing a tad tedious, but I know it will help the information "sink in" better this way.

In Module 3 SJ will be learning more about mental and emotional stability, mental health, the effects of diet on the brain, and other important tips for taking care of your brain. Mental illnesses are discussed in this module, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and dementia. Depression and anxiety disorders are also discussed, along with self-harm behaviors, and eating disorders.

Other topics covered throughout the book are: social relationships, caring for our senses, how the digestive system functions, food science (macronutrients and micronutrients), a balanced diet, the importance of exercise, and the importance of the proper amount of rest. The final module covers reproduction.  
At the end of each module there are suggestions for various health professions, each related to the topic of that module, such as: primary care physician, specialist in endocrinology, mental health professional, nursing, audiology, medical lab tech, or physical therapy.

One more exciting thing to mention: Apologia is offering a free activity book which complements Health and Nutrition, called Whole Health: God's Design for Your Body, Mind and Soul. You can also download FAQs and a free sample chapter from the Health and Nutrition text.

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Health and Nutrition Basic Set {Apologia Educational Ministries Reviews}

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