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Zirrly Super Beads {Homeschool Review Crew}

It's nice to have something fun to work on in school, so when we were offered the chance to try out Super Beads from Zirrly, we were excited.

The sets from which we could choose were:
3D Car and Truck
Spinning Tops
Jewelry Set
Mega Pack

The set we received was the Jungle Animals set. This kit includes design templates for lion, rhino, elephant, zebra, owl, and monkey; super beads in a variety of colors; super beads work tray; 1 spray bottle; 6 boards; 1 design tool; and instructions.
Super beads are small (not recommended for children three and under!), and are suggested for age 5 and up. They require no heat, nor glue...Just water! They are non-toxic. They aren't messy, but I noticed they will leave a bit of discoloration on the fingers, if fingers are a little damp while handling the beads, which washes off easily.
The beads were sorted by color, and each color was packaged in small sealed bags. SJ's first job was opening the bags and putting them into the divided work tray.
To work on a project, first choose a design template, then place it beneath the clear board (which is a board with tiny pegs). Now you will place beads on those tiny pegs, following the design on the template. After completing the design, spray water evenly over the whole design. That's how they fuse together! No hot iron! This makes it safe for even young children to use.
There is a young couple at church who have a darling little girl, age 4. They are expecting a baby boy soon; mom is on bed rest. So we like to help out in whatever way we can. This seemed like a perfect project for SJ to work on with M. She decided she wanted to work on the owl.
This is a perfect exercise for fine motor skills, as well as matching beads to the colors on the template. M would pick up the bead from the tray, place it on the peg on the board. You have to make sure the end with the line faces up on the peg, so SJ would make sure it was. Then he'd press the bead down snugly on the peg.
They had a good system going, but we ran out of time to put all the beads in place. SJ finished it up at home, sprayed it with water from the spray bottle, and we let it dry thoroughly.
After it was dry, SJ used the design tool to gently lift to owl from the board, loosening first around the outer edges and working his way to the center. One of the feet hadn't been sprayed enough, so he had to press everything back into place, and sprayed with water again. (That is another feature I like, the ability to repair it so easily)

Later that week, when we took some soup and a casserole over to them, SJ took the completed owl to M. She was excited to show her mommy and daddy! And I think that made SJ a little more of a hero to her.
They haven't worked on any more projects together, yet. I think the zebra will be the next one they work on.

These are the perfect things for children who love to work on craft projects. They are able to make their own gifts for others, if that's what they'd like to do.

We'll probably pass on the rest of the kit to M for her fifth birthday, in September, since she seemed to enjoy working on it so much. You really ought to check out these super beads!

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