Thursday, April 5, 2018

Homeschool Diploma {Homeschool Review Crew}

It's hard to believe that my youngest is about to graduate from 8th final homeschool student. I guess that means we're on the home stretch. To commemorate this milestone, I will be presenting SJ with an 8th grade diploma, which I ordered from Homeschool Diploma.
The 8th grade diploma is 7" x 9" in size, and can be customized in several ways. There are three embossed foil seals from which to choose. You can choose to add a verse or motto, and even what type of paper is used.

Placing your order is simple: first choose the seal, then enter your students name as you wish it to appear on the diploma, the school information, the wording on the diploma, the verse or motto, date and signature lines, the type of paper, whether or not there are honors designations, and finally the cover for the diploma.

After we filled out all the information, we placed our order, then waited. We didn't have long to wait, either! It arrived within a week of placing our order. SJ appears as pleased with it as I am. The cover is a lovely blue. We could have chosen to have his name embossed on the cover, but decided not to.
We don't know just yet what we will do to celebrate his completion of 8th grade. Most likely, just a meal with Grandma and Grandpa, his sister, and maybe his oldest brother and his girlfriend. Then I'll present him with the diploma. The date line is blank, so I'll fill in the date, and sign it. It's a little frightening, more like bittersweet, as to how close the time is for a special little ceremony for my final student.

Homeschool Diploma obviously also carries high school diplomas. You can choose either 8.5" x 11" or 6" x 8". They have caps and gowns available. You can even order a diploma and cap & gown package. I know that SJ's high school graduation will be here before we know it, because I know how rapidly time flies. I will certainly be considering purchasing his diploma, and anything else we may wish to include, through Homeschool Diploma.

Each of my older children have celebrated their high school graduations in different ways. For Tim, we just had a simple ceremony one Sabbath, after church and potluck. Jen actually participated in a graduation ceremony with the homeschool group of which we were a part at that time. And Daniel? Well, he skipped out entirely, by taking the GED (although we did celebrate at church potluck with a cake).
What is more, Homeschool Diploma also carries Kindergarten diplomas, and caps and gowns! We never made much of a deal over the completion of Kindergaten, but I know some families do. So if you have a kindergartner, you will want to check these out.
Other crew members reviewed the high school diplomas, and caps & gowns. Still others reviewed the kindergarten diplomas. Be sure to read the other reviews; just click the banner below.

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