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Creation Illustrated, Pine Trees Unit Study {Homeschool Review Crew}

Creation Illustrated has been one of our favorite publications for almost as long as my oldest children have been alive. The illustrations are always outstanding, and the content is Biblically sound. I was pleased with the opportunity to take a look at a couple of the Creation Unit Studies, which are designed especially for children in grades 5-8.

Since where we live, we are surrounded by pine forests, I was especially interested in the Pine Trees unit study. I wanted SJ to have the opportunity to learn a bit about our local pines.
First we read the article, "The Enduring Pine" in the Fall 2017 digital edition of Creation Illustrated. Then I had SJ work on the worksheets, which include vocabulary, a Bible study about pine trees, researching location of particular species of pines, identification, as well as math word problems, creative writing assignments, art, and even a word search puzzle. Additional resources are listed, such as books, websites, and online videos to watch. The final few pages contain answer keys.
The Fall '17 issue contains 76 pages of articles; family fun activities; absolutely gorgeous photographs; recipes; a character building lesson; a children's story; coloring contest, photo contest, and poetry contest; a study guide; and a few pages of advertisements for Christian resources.
One morning we took a walk, to observe and attempt to identify some of the pine trees around our neighborhood. I had SJ count the needles per bundle from the trees we saw, as well as photograph the bark, cones, and even the shapes of the trees. We discovered one of the trees had pine needles in bundles of two, while the others had bundles of three. We found cones in various sizes and shapes.
The other nature unit study we received access to is Intricacies of Snow. All of my kids were born in Montana, it's true. But we've lived in the South (Florida and Mississippi) now for the past thirteen years, nearly all of SJ's life. He doesn't remember snow, much.
The snow unit study uses an article from the Winter 2018 digital edition of Creation Illustrated. The unit study discusses spiritual lessons of snow; has your student determine whether the reference to snow in various Bible passages is literal or symbolic; discusses the water cycle; has your student making crystals; chart geographically at what level there is snow fall in various regions of the world; and even has your student drawing snow crystals.
The Winter '18 edition contains articles about Alaska, snow, working dogs, and more. While I find the photographs as stunning in the digital editions as the paper editions, I find the words more challenging to read in the digital edition. The magnifying feature is an eye saver.
The Spring '18 issue is available for subscription now. If you're interested in learning about butterflies, you'll want to purchase this issue, and the unit study that goes with it.

You will also want to check out the rest of the Crew's reviews, because some of them focus more on the Snow unit study. Just click the banner below.

The magazine is available in paper form, as well as digital now. I highly recommend Creation Illustrated to any family who wants to add creation science topics for your family's enjoyment and education.

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