Tuesday, May 1, 2018

YWAM Publishing {Homeschool Crew Review}

Reading great books, about great people, makes up a large portion of our homeschooling education, so we are always on the lookout for resources to enhance and encourage this portion of our education. One of our favorite resources is YWAM Publishing. SJ chose Harriet Tubman: Freedombound for our study this time. It is from the Heroes of History series.

Heroes of History
Harriet Tubman was an interesting woman. She was born a slave, and was treated cruelly. It became her life mission to lead other slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad. Even though there were large rewards out for her capture, that didn't stop her from risking her life again and again to lead men, women and children to freedom.

During the Civil War she advised generals, and did what she could to improve conditions of the army hospitals.

Heroes of History by YWAM
The Heroes of History series is a unique series of biographies of fascinating men and women who helped influence the course of history. These biographies are told in a narrative format, which makes them engaging for the entire family. Related history, geography, government, and science topics come to life through this premier biography line, targeted for ages 10 and up.

The individual books are available in paperback, e-book, or audiobook formats.

In addition to the biographies there are downloadable unit study/curriculum guides available for each book. These contain reading comprehension questions for each chapter: A vocabulary question drawn from the text and
referenced to a page in the book, along with the suggestion to use the word in a sentence; a factual question arising from the text; a question to gauge the level of a student’s comprehension; and an open-ended question seeking an opinion or interpretation.

There is a list of key quotes, suggestions for a display corner, student exploration, community links, social studies activities, related themes to explore, and culminating activities. Also included are print outs of maps, a timeline, and a bio sheet.

A few of the suggested activities for this study on Harriet Tubman include: making a quilt or even just a quilt square, representing something from Tubman's life; making a series of postcards showing some of the main features of the Underground Railroad; drawing up plans of a house that has secret rooms in which to hide people through the Underground Railroad.

At the end of the study guide is a list of additional resources: books, videos, and websites.

We read the book aloud, and went over the comprehension questions orally. SJ filled in the bio sheet, marked important places on the maps, and marked the events on the timeline. We also watched a video or two about Harriet Tubman. It was a pleasure to learn more about this amazing lady.

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