Tuesday, October 8, 2013

YWAM Publishing {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Youth With a Mission is, I'm sure, pretty well known among Christians. It is a large interdenominational Christian ministry, involved in evangelism, outreach training, and mercy ministries.

One ministry of Youth With a Mission is YWAM Publishing, which had its start by printing tracts with one small printing press during an outreach to the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. From there, they have expanded to publishing many books, including the Hero Biographies, such as Christian Heroes: Then and Now, and Heroes of History. One of my sisters-in-law had previously blessed us with a few of these biographies.

For review purposes, we received a Kindle version from the Heroes of History series, George Washington: True Patriot, as well as using the George Washington Unit Study Curriculum Guide. This fits in nicely with our core history curriculum, since we have recently reached the time period of the Revolutionary War.

George Washington: True Patriot covers Washington's life, from young boyhood through his life as a surveyor, the Revolutionary War, his presidency, and his death. It is a well-written informative narrative, which the boys found captivating. I read it aloud to them, and Botanist Boy always knew when the end of the chapter came, because each chapter ending kind of "leaves you hanging" and wanting to read more.

The Unit Study Curriculum Guide contains various activities to enhance the learning experience while reading the book. There are key quotes, chapter questions, student explorations, community links, and more. We discussed the chapter questions orally, which gave me insight of their comprehension.

We also worked on marking the included maps with various cities mentioned (Williamsburg, Philadelphia, New York, etc.) and other points of interest, such as Mount Vernon. There is also a timeline, on which we marked important dates from Washington's life, as well as from during the Revolutionary War and events leading up to it.

One activity I tried to persuade the boys to work on was making a model of Mount Vernon. I thought Botanist Boy especially would enjoy doing that, since he's made a castle in the past, and did an amazing job at it! 

Another suggestion was a field trip, to a war reenactment, or even to a war museum. We've actually attended several Civil War Reenactments. We've been a couple times at Port Hudson, Louisiana, as well as several times to one near Crystal River, Florida.

I think it would be awesome to attend a Revolutionary War reenactment! Maybe some day it'll happen.

Guess what, though? We have a small World War II museum right here in our tiny town!!  Near our town was the site of Camp Van Dorn, a training camp during World War II. We've wanted to visit the museum ever since we moved here (nearly five years ago), so this gave us the perfect "excuse" to go!

I like the fact that these biographies are available in several different formats: physical copy, Kindle, or Nook, or even audio book. We really like audio books around here! These books are especially for ages 10 and up.

You'll want to read the rest of the Crew reviews, because some of the Crew received Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose.

Cost: The book costs $6.99, either print copy or digital. The curriculum guide is $7.49.

Contact Information:
YWAM Publishing
PO Box 55787
Seattle, WA 98155
Phone: 800-922-2143



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