Friday, November 5, 2010

TOS Review: Collectorz

I must admit: I am a book collector. What can I say? I come from a family of book collectors!! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!!! ;-) ) I especially like children's books, picture books being my absolute favorite! Perhaps this is my most favorite part of homeschooling my children!!

Needless to say, I was almost beside myself with excitement when I learned I'd be receiving the Collectoz Book Collector to use and review! Deep in my heart, I like to have things organized, and I have been wanting to have some way to catalog and organize all my books for quite some time. I felt that this was just the thing to help me do that!

Collectorz Book Collector software gives me the capability of having a list of all my books, so that perhaps the next time I am at the book store, or thrift store (where I often by my books, used), I won't end up buying a book I already own!! ;)

With the Collectorz Book Collector, you enter each book by ISBN into your database. This can be done by hand (which is the way I am doing it), or you can purchase a scanner, with varying prices. You can then upload your list to your iphone, so you are able to see your list when you are out at the book store or thrift store!! I don't have an iphone, but I can upload a text file to my cell phone, so I at least have a list of the titles!

The Book Collector Standard Edition is $24.95. The Book Collector Pro Edition (which is the version I received) is $49.95. There is even a free 30-day trial offered, with a limit of only 100 books.

Standard and Pro features include:
·    Cataloging to personal computer
·    Printing of lists of the collection
·    Viewing in customer’s choice of layout skins
·    Sorting and searching  at the Sort Order screen
·    Using multiple fields for book details
·    Browsing collection by Title, Author, Publisher, etc.

Some of the extra features included with the Pro version:
·    exporting to an iPhone or iPod Touch
·    managing loans of the books
·    exporting to HTML so that the collection may be put on a webpage

One of the things I really have been wanting to do with my books is catalog them using the Dewey Decimal system, and with this program, I can do that now! I also like that the Book Collector database will provide a photo of the covers of each book I input....visual person that I am.

The one thing I do find hard to do, when entering the ISBNs by hand (rather than by using a scanner): those ISBNs on the books are so small, my poor old eyes find it challenging to read the numbers! :p Eek! LOL So I may have the kids help me, by reading the numbers off to me while I enter them....or I may have the teenagers actually assist by entering the numbers themselves.

Collectorz also has software for music, movies, games, mp3s, and more.

To read more reviews about Collectorz by my crew mates, click the banner below.


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