Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog 30 Days of Diabetes--Day 4

Diabetes Celebrities–Who’s your favorite diabetes celebrity?

Well, I really haven't heard that much about celebrities with Diabetes....I guess because I just am not that much into celebrities...

Yes, I have heard of the young man, Nick Jonas. Any parent of a teen or preteen girl these days has, I am sure! ;-) While I think he is a fairly amazing young man, and can see how he might be somewhat of a role model for someone like my daughter....Well, I just don't think I can "claim" him as my favorite celebrity! ;-)

So I did a bit of researching....and discovered something that surprised me!! My favorite author, Laura Ingalls Wilder, apparently had diabetes! When I was a child, I read her series of books, at least once, sometimes twice, a year!! I grew up watching Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert on the TV series, "Little House on the Prairie"...and even now have the whole series on DVD (which my kids thoroughly enjoy watching!!). Reading her books I think was one of the things that inspired me to want to write. Maybe someday yet, I will actually become an author myself! ;-)

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