Friday, November 5, 2010

DNG Review: Expedition Australia and Map Giveaway Contest

This year in our homeschool, we are touring the globe, learning about the geography, history, cultures of the world, one continent at a time. We started with Antarctica, and are getting ready to move on to Australia. The Exepedition: Australia Download N Go was the perfect introduction to the Land Down Under!

Download N Go units are specifically prepared with your K-4th graders in mind, but I find they can be adapted to include upper grades as well. They are wonderful units, full of web links to plenty of information, as well as numerous video clips. We love looking at the photos and videos!! There are also notebooking pages and lapbook components to be printed off and filled in.

The daily lesson plans in Expedition Australia include information on the following:
Day 1: Where on Earth is Australia?

Day 2: Some of the Special Places in Australia

Day 3: A bit of Australian History

Day 4: Cool Things to Know About Australia

Day 5: Fun and Games in Australia

Each day we learn about a different part of Australia, the current time and temperature in a different Australian city compared to our own time and temperature, a different animal native to Australia, and some of the Aussie lingo.

Currently I am out of printer ink, so I haven't printed off many of the pages, but since we plan to spend some time doing more in depth studying of Australia, I am sure I will print these up later. We have used books and videos, which we picked up from the library, to go along with this unit. That is one of the beauties of the flexibility of Download N Go units!

Expedition Australia can be purchased for $7.95 here.

Download N Go is running a special on Expedition Australia for $5.95 through November 8, 2010.  Also, they have a contest/giveaway of 2 Australia Political Maps from National Geographic, which will end on 11/8/2010 at 9pm EST.

Reminder: TOS/DNG affiliates, including the DNG Review Team and TOS Crew, are not eligible for the map giveaway.

Be sure to stop by the Download N Go blog tour to read more exciting reviews by the review team.


As part of the the Download N Go review team, I have been provided with a copy of this unit to use, review, and post about on my blog. Pin It Now!

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