Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Master and His Apprentices {Homeschool Crew Review}

While I was working on my Bachelor's in Visual Communications: Graphic Design, my favorite class was Art History. I found it fascinating, and enjoyable. Thus, from the start of our homeschool journey, art history has been a part of our learning experience.

When we were presented with the chance to review The Master and His Apprentices: Art History from a Christian Perspective from The Master and His Apprentices, I was excited (probably much more so than SJ!). It covers art history from creation and the ancient cultures through the Renaissance and modern times, and is available in both hardbound and digital versions.
We received the digital version, along with teacher's guide, and print/photocopy rights. We chose to use it on the computer, although some day I might go to OfficeMax and have a copy printed out. I didn't try loading it onto my Kindle or SJ's iPad, since it's a fairly large file.

The book begins with an introduction to art, followed by a chapter on creation, the Master Artist's ultimate artwork. For example, this morning, while I was taking my walk, I couldn't help but notice one of the Master Artist's masterpieces: the bank of sunrise-hued, fluffy clouds building in the southwestern sky.
After the chapter on creation, we begin our journey through the ancient cultures, into the middle ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque era, into modern art. The information provided seems rather in depth and thorough. The teacher's guide provides discussion questions/worksheets, as well as answers.
One reason I chose to have SJ use the computer to read the textbook, is because the pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader has a Read Out Loud feature, meaning the computer can read the text to him. This gives him more sense of independence.

After he read through the chapter, we worked together on the worksheets/discussion questions. I showed him how he could use a highlighter in the pdf, so he could highlight the answers, then write them in on the worksheet.
The teacher's guide contains a page on which to record your students' grades, which would be useful in a homeschool co-op, or an actual classroom, as well as for your own family. There's also a sample syllabus.

I like that the student text contains timelines. You will find timeline segments following each time period. There is also a complete timeline at the end of the book. The timelines show the approximate time of each art piece discussed, as well as major events that affected the periods, people and art trends covered in the book. There is also a timeline showing the art period overview, which color codes the periods.

After the timelines there is a list of the art pieces by location.

This will be great to use in our Charlotte Mason approach over the next couple years or so, as a go along with history/geography/Bible studies. We will easily be able to use this to study the art from that time period.

The Master and His Apprentices can be used as a complete standalone high school level art history course. If you follow the suggested course of study, your student will earn 1 credit of electives.

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