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It certainly seems like cursive handwriting is a lost art in this day and age. I will sadly admit that I haven't but forth enough effort to teach my children cursive, myself. I'd like that remedied. We received the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack, and the beautiful The Art of Cursive adult coloring book from CursiveLogic. My young-adult daughter expressed interest in using the course herself.

How did CursiveLogic come to be? Founder Linda Shewsberry was a volunteer tutor in a local library. One of her students, twenty-three year old Josh, requested her to teach him cursive so he could sign his name. She devised the CursiveLogic method to help him quickly learn to write cursive.
The CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack includes one workbook and access to a webinar explaining step by step the method of using CursiveLogic. The webinar video runs about 45-50 minutes, and you will have access to the webinar for six months.
Cursive Logic New Edition

The video takes you through the first few pages of the workbook, which tell you how to use the workbook, emphasize posture, describe how to properly hold the pencil and position the paper, and choosing your writing tool. On page 9 of the workbook, your student will print his/her full name, then print the entire lowercase alphabet.

This method breaks down the alphabet into 4 groups of letter shapes, and teaches them by letter strings. Each group of letters has its own color, and it's own "catch phrase" to repeat while writing each letter as you string them together.

Each lesson will take four days. You student will trace letter shapes and letter strings with his finger while repeating the catch phrase, then write them with with pen or colored pencil. As the week progresses, your student will join letters, and by the end of the week will be writing words.

By the end of the fourth lesson, your student will have learned all of the lower case letters. The next six lessons, your student will learn the upper case letters. By the end of the course your student will be copying quotes by famous people and Bible passages. There are even a couple dry erase pages for added practice.

We reviewed the workbook a few years ago. I had my youngest review it that time. There have been several changes to the workbook.
The Art of Cursive has four quick lessons at the beginning, to use as a review if your student has completed the workbook, or a brief introduction for the adult student (such as my daughter). Then there are the coloring pages; on the backside of each page is a quote to copy then write. It is recommended to remove the page from the book to make it easier to maneuver the page while coloring it.
The pages are perfect to work on while watching a video or listening to an audiobook. Jen and I will admit that our hands tire quickly, since we are not used to hand writing (you know, it's easier to type or text these days).
I did do one of the pages myself. It is rather relaxing, even if my hand began aching rather quickly.
Once again I've been reminded of the importance of learning cursive writing. If you want to learn why, you can read about some of the studies on the website. It makes me regret I didn't have my offspring learn while they were children. But this is an excellent method for them to teach themselves now as adults.

As a bonus for my readers, CursiveLogic is offering a 20% discount on the Quick-Start Pack, which is the webinar + workbook combo. Use the code CREW2018. The code is valid through March 31, 2018.
Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount
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