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Drive Thru History Adventures {Homeschool Review Crew}

Are you looking for a resource to help make history come alive for your children? This homeschool video curriculum from Drive Thru History Adventures may be just what you are looking for!

Drive Thru History Adventures
The Bible History Adventures covers the time period of the Gospels. Our tour guide and narrator, David Stotts, brings to life the locations and times of Jesus. We start out learning about the historical landscape of Jerusalem and the surrounding area, as well as the political situation. From there, we go on to the announcement of the coming Messiah, His birth and the circumstances surrounding that, and on into His life on earth. We're given a glimpse of Jesus' ministry, some of His miracles, and how He taught with authority.

We get a close-up look at the possible location of the Sermon on the Mount, the regions around the Sea of Galilee, and of course, the Garden of Gethsemane and Calvary.
Along with the videos, the Bible History Adventures curriculum include summaries, scripture readings, side roads, discussion questions, dig deeper (which contain additional updates and articles relating to the topic), worksheets and answer guides.
I especially appreciate the photos of the actual locations and artifacts, as well as the artwork, some of it by famous artists, such as this one by Rembrandt. (Yes, I guess it's the graphic designer in me, who appreciates such fine art)
Besides the Bible History Adventures, there are Ancient History Adventures, and American History Adventures. Each of these has 12 episodes, whereas Bible History has 18 episodes. Each episode runs around 30 minutes. I look forward to having my youngest go through these as well.

This year my youngest (I used to refer to him as Little Bit on the blog; I can't really do that anymore since he is now taller than I am! LOL) is reading through the four gospels for his personal devotions along with a lovely book about the life of Christ. So these Bible History videos have been perfect for him, and have really brought to life what he's reading about. He finds them interesting; they captivate his attention.

Since SJ struggles with verbal and written communication, I haven't been having him do the worksheets, but we do go over the discussion questions verbally. Even that's a challenge for him.

We really enjoy this program, and we both would highly recommend it. Check it out for yourself.
SJ has been mostly watching the episodes using the Drive Through History Adventures TV on his iPad. It's also possible to watch the episodes on television using Chromecast, on Android devices, and of course your computer.
Currently if you subscribe for a one-year subscription to Drive Through History Adventures, you can receive a free Gospels DVD. Simply enter the code on the subscription page when you subscribe.

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  1. I just love the Adventure TV app...such a valuable resource. I found myself watching episodes on my own before bedtime.


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