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The Pencil Grip, Inc. Thin Stix Creativity Pack {Homeschool Review Crew}

Do your children like painting, but you don't like the mess that can go along with that creativity? The Pencil Grip, Inc., has a wonderful solution. The Thin Stix Creativity Pack provides 24 colors of mess free tempera paint. And best yet, it dries in 90 seconds!

These Thin Stix are solid tempera paint sticks, which are somewhat like markers. You uncap them; twist the bottom of the pen; and paint. They work on poster board, paper, wood, cardboard, and other surfaces.
Thin Stix Creativity Pack
When we left Mississippi and came here to Florida, we had to leave most of our stuff behind, including my art supplies. (Praying we can make the trip sometime soon to fetch some of our stuff.)

I was excited to get these Thin Stix to try out. This pack contains twelve classic colors: black, brown, white, yellow, red, orange, two shades of green, three shades of blue, and pink; six neon colors; and five metallic colors. The regular colors are vibrant. The neon colors seem almost thinner or fainter. The metalix seem bolder. All together, they are wonderful to use.
I never really had any specific projects in mind for the kids to use the Thin Stix. I didn't think of anything, either. So, one day I told my daughter to have my youngest work on something while I was gone one morning, taking the 17 year old to his GED preparation classes.

I handed her the pack of paint sticks, and a pad of paint paper. When I got home, this is what I found.
Little Bit still doesn't "fill the page" when he does any artwork. I guess I need to have him paint/draw/color more often than he does. With these Thin Stix, that just might happen!

My daughter also did some pictures. She tried doing some blending on the sunset picture. Her observation was that the paint doesn't blend as well as colored pencils to. She still liked using them, though.
I did the clown fish, using both the neon orange and the regular orange. I also used the white in the center of the bubbles. I tried blending a little with my finger tip, like I would with pastels, but this paint dries so quickly. There wasn't even any on my finger!
We are really enjoying using these. Maybe we'll use them for making some homemade Christmas cards, since my stamping supplies are back in Mississippi.

I can just imagine how great these would be for younger kids, like my friend's grandchildren. Next time we get to go spend the day, when she has her grand kids visiting, I'll have to remember to take these along.

I imagine the Sabbath school teacher at our church who teaches the youngest kids would be thrilled to have a set of these for the kids to use for any of the art projects she plans for them.

Several other members of the Crew received the creativity pack, so you will want to click the banner below to find their  reviews with their thoughts of the paint sticks, and get more ideas of how they can be used.

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