Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Home School in the Woods Á La Carte {Homeschool Review Crew}

Home School in the Woods has long been one of our favorite providers of  hands-on history products. I was interested in learning more about the Á La Carte projects.
The Á La Carte projects are individual projects, many of which are from larger projects. For instance, we received The Jamestown Replica which is originally from Time Travelers: American Revolution. We also received The War to End All Wars File Folder Game, which was the 100th anniversary project commemorating World War I.
The Á La Carte projects are listed by historical era: ancient history; world history; early American history; 19th century America; 20th-21st American history; and Bible times; or by project type: Timeline; File Folder project; File Folder game; 3-Dimensional; Game; Lap Book Project; Lap Book; Newspaper; and Notebook project. This makes it easy to find the project you might want to add to your current study.
The Jamestown Replica didn't take long to assemble. I printed off the pdf file, and then had SJ color it and cut it out. SJ assembled it.

Oh, I have to share a little story about the toothpick, for the flag pole. We didn't have any toothpicks on hand. We live about 12 miles from town, so I didn't want to make a special trip in just for a box of toothpicks. One morning while I was out taking my walk, I happened to glance down, and there beside the road was a toothpick, in a wrapper (you know, like one you can get in a restaurant after your meal). I just chuckled, and said thank you to God for supplying even such a tiny thing.
The War to End All Wars game project offers the choice of printing in color, or black and white so you can color it by hand. I printed it in color, because I could see there were many pieces (small pieces) to cut out. I knew SJ would balk at the idea of coloring everything by hand in addition to cutting it all out.
After the pieces were all cut out, and assembled, SJ and I sat down to play the game. We learned about the battlefields and trenches, tanks and machine guns, poison gas and barbed wire. I had hoped we'd be able to get together with friends, for the SJ to play a round or two with his friends, but it hasn't happened yet.
Included with this game is a print out of the history and background information about World War I, trenches, weaponry, as well as directions for setting up the game and playing the game. This is such a fun method for learning more about the War to End All Wars. I am sure your family will enjoy it, too.

In the past, we've been blessed with the opportunity to review Hands-On History Activity-Pak: ComposersProject Passport World History Study: Middle Ages; and Hands-On History Activity-Paks: Make-A-State. You're welcome to go read those reviews. SJ's favorite part of the Make-A-State pak was the Name That State! File Folder Game, so I knew he'd like the War to End All Wars game.

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