Sunday, December 11, 2011

TOS Review: I See Cards--Fractazmic

I have a confession to make: I do not like fractions. I never have! My poor kids; I don't want them facing the same struggles I did with math!

For that reason, I was thankful when I learned we'd be able to use and review the Fractazmic game from I See Cards! We've discovered that this is a quite tolerable method of working on fractions. ;-)

From the website:
Fractazmic is a comprehensive interactive fun lesson in fractions that gives your child unlimited practice at their individual level.

Each brightly colored card displays fractions, along with eye catching graphics, to ensure reinforcement. Players will quickly identify the fractions on their cards and calculate their way to fun and learning! Fractazmic teaches fractions, numbers and measurement.
The deck of cards is made up of three sets of cards, in three different colors: 
  • Blue-Twelfths
  • Green-Tenths
  • Red-Sixteenths
Players take turns in a quick game play trying to make suits by adding fractions and summing to 1.
Here is a video, showing you how to play Fractazmic Rummy:

And here is another one, showing you how to play Fractazmic Trap:

Botanist Boy and I have played several games; I've even played a few with Little Bit. Shhh, don't tell her, but Teen Girl gets some much needed practice in fractions, too, when she plays Fractazmic with her little brothers. 

I plan to take this game along with us at Christmas time, so Grandpa can play a few rounds with the kids! :-) (He's a retired math teacher).

Other games available are: Pyramath; Prime Bomb; I See Cards. Each card game costs $6.95. Play Fractazmic Speed Online for a chance to win a free deck!

Contact Information:

Email: corporate @
Fax: 407-366-3343

Be sure to read what my fellow crew mates have to say about Fractazmic!

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