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Great Waters Press {Homeschool Crew Review}

As a mom of three sons, I am always looking for resources to assist them in any way to maintain their integrity. Hal and Melanie Young, through Great Waters Press, provide many Christian parenting resources. We recently acquired an audiobook version of  Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality.
Love, Honor, and Virtue is an honest and truly frank discussion on the fight our young men face to maintain their purity. It's concise and very direct, and covers sensitive topics, such as pornography and self-gratification. In this age where pornography is so easily accessible because of cell phones and tablets, the battle is fiercer than ever for  our young men to remain pure.

This book offers a Biblical perspective, helping to understand God's design biologically and morally. Your sons will learn how to build relationships that honor God. But what if he stumbles, gets entrapped in pornography and self-gratification? There is also help in this book to find hope and recovery.

Love, Honor, and Virtue is available as a paperback book, audiobook, ebook, or mp3 download. Because SJ is a struggling reader, I received an audiobook. We listened to it together. Other parents may want to pre-read or listen ahead of time, to determine what information they feel is appropriate for their own sons. But since we've discussed much of this type of information, I've chosen to listen at the same time.


To The Young Men on the Battlefield
Sex Was God’s Idea
It’s All Connected
The Enemy Perverts God’s Design
How Can A Young Man Keep His Way Pure?
Recovering From A Fall
Guys and Girls
The Road Ahead

You can read a sample of the book, or listen to a sample of the audiobook. Because this book is written to boys and young men ages 12 to in their 20s, I will probably share this with at least my middle son as well.

My children know that pornography destroyed my first marriage since I’ve always been absolutely frank with them (after they reached a certain age, anyway). I’ve always done my best to do what I can to protect them from temptation the best I know how.

I definitely appreciate the fact that Hal Young narrates this audiobook. He has a pleasant voice, is easy to listen to, and speaks with some animation (rather than a dull monotone). My son needs to hear a male voice providing this information, since our current household situation finds him living with two women.

I asked SJ what he thought of Love, Honor, and Virtue. He said it was interesting and informative. He found the information about child birth the most informative...perhaps because he will soon become a first-time uncle.

I appreciated the fact that the book suggests that if a young man finds himself entrapped in pornography or self-gratification, one of the steps to recovery is having an accountability partner. Also, to avoid temptation in the first place while getting acquainted with a young woman, participate in church/group activities, community events, etc., and avoid being alone with her.

This would be an excellent resource for fathers and sons to work through together. But as a single mom, I do the best I can. Perhaps I can persuade my brother to go through this with one or both of my younger sons. Or maybe one of the men at church would be willing to take on the challenge.

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