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Fascinating Education {Homeschool Review Crew}

Fascinating Education is a program using an audio-visual approach to teaching science, which is perfect for audio and visual learners. We have been using Fascinating Chemistry the past few weeks for the boys' science class.

Each lesson, which runs about 45 minutes, consists of a video/slide presentation, with narration. There is also a PDF script available to print off, and an online test at the end of each lesson. The suggested pace is to complete a minimum of one lesson a week.
I like the sidebar, which highlights the portion of the lesson you are currently viewing. If your student needs to pause the lesson, and come back to it later, if he notes where he is on the menu, he can come start the lesson back up from there.
If there is an experiment, or lab, to complete, your student can click on the link and instructions will open in a new window or tab. After completing the lab/experiment (which could be completed during the presentation, or at the end of the lesson), he can click back to the lesson.
The graphics are bright and colorful, from what I've seen, and seem mostly static (without much motion). The narration is easy to follow, and done in a simple, conversational style. Once or twice during each lesson, there is a review over what has been covered in that lesson, which helps to reinforce the material covered.

Now, while my 17 year old didn't care much for the sound of the narrator, Dr. Sheldon Margulies’, voice, my 15 year old didn't seem to mind at all. Even though my main intention was for my 17 year old to use this for his science (since he's currently working on chemistry), my 15 year old actually has been using it more.
My 15 yo and his study buddy

Which is a good thing, it seems, since Dr. Margulies recommends starting with chemistry, followed by biology, then physics. His reasoning is "since much of biology is based on the chemical properties of the components of cells, it would be smart to start with Fascinating Chemistry."

I haven't been having my 15 year old do the labs, nor has he been completing the tests at the end of each lesson. I plan to have him go through the course a second time, after our new school year begins, completing the online tests at that time, and probably many of the labs as well.

For a scope & sequence, you can obtain copies of the course outlines (and a free sample of the courses) at:
Anatomy & Physiology and Logic of Medicine:

Also, be sure to read the FAQ page. You will find answers to several questions there, such as Does Fascinating Biology teach Evolution & Creation? 

Here is a chart for the pricing for each course, for a full year subscription.

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