Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sound for Life LTD: Forbrain {Homeschool Review Crew}

Well, here we are, the last review of this year. I guess the year seems to have gone faster than usual, since we came in part way through the year. Still, it has been a blessing...yet again.
My youngest child spent several of his early years in therapy: occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. We tried so many things to assist with speech therapy. I wish we could have had Forbrain to use those many years ago. A few weeks ago we received this headset from Sound for Life LTD for Steven to use.
Forbrain Sound for Life LTD
This device uses bone conduction to deliver your voice directly to your brain. The ear pieces are placed on the bone in front of the ear, and you speak directly into the microphone. It is used to improve speech, attention, and even memory, using Forbrain for just a few minutes a day. Learn more about the auditory process here.

Does your child have difficulties with staying focused, or with his attention? Perhaps with reading or speech difficulties? Do you know someone who struggles with memory? Does someone you love sing out of tone? Forbrain can help.

Sometimes it's frustrating for me when I ask Steven questions about something I've just read to him, and he answers with "I don't know." That indicates to me a struggle with short term memory. That's another good reason to use Forbrain.

Currently he and Daniel have been working on memorizing Bible passages about prayer. I need to remember to have them wear this device while they are learning their verses out loud. This would be great if your child is in AWANAs, and is memorizing a lot of memory verses, or in the Pathfinder club preparing for the Bible Bowl.

Oh, another good use would be if your student is in speech and debate, or in drama, and has lines or speeches to learn! Have her use Forbrain about 3 times a day, for twenty minutes.
When Steven was not even two years old, we discovered that he had a conductive hearing loss in one ear. We even had a brainstem hearing test done (which was his first time under anesthesia). But that didn't explain all of his developmental and learning delays. Over the course of time, we were told he has expressive receptive language disorder, sensory integration disorder, and even that he was mildly mentally retarded (what?! I didn't think that term was even used anymore!).

I was excited to have him use the Forbrain device, to possibly help with his enunciation. He wears it for 15-20 minutes once a day, several days a week. He reads to Tiger, so quietly that I can't hear him, so at this point, I can't distinguish any improvements. Perhaps his sensory integration disorder affects his desire to even use it.
When the device first arrived, I had Daniel try it out. He barely spoke a paragraph before taking it off, and saying, no way! I guess it was set too loud for him, and he didn't even want to speak with it on. I think it would help him some with improving some of his enunciation.

I'm considering having Jen try it out while she's singing to see what improvements she might make.

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