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Home School Navigator {Homeschool Crew Review}

Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum is a comprehensive language arts program which offers reading strategies for reading success. This online program provides you with 36 weeks of instruction, in which your student can watch and learn with daily lessons, and printable handouts full of activities.
There are six color-coded levels from which to choose. The highest level, Indigo, corresponds with an approximate equivalent to a fifth grade reading level, which is the level I chose for SJ on which to focus.

You will be able to download yearly, weekly and daily lesson plans/teaching guides. The printable handouts include answer keys. Each week your student will cover reading skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary and word studies, grammar and writing skills, and a poetry extension. The poetry extension is what really caught my eye because I am a poetry lover (and writer).
Beginning in the second month of each of the upper levels (green, blue and indigo), book studies with interactive notebooks are also included, one every other month. The books for Indigo level are: Holes, Number the Stars, A Single Shard, and Tuck Everlasting. The interactive notebooks can also be purchased separately.

The interactive notebooks consist of comprehension questions, vocabulary words, literary devices, and so forth printed on shapes your child will cut out, then glue the flap part onto notebook paper and write their answers beneath them.

SJ worked on the novel, Holes. We checked out the book and audiobook from the library, to offer him a form of independence. He listened to the audiobook while following along in the hard copy. Then he cut out the shapes he needed for those chapters, glued them onto notebook paper (which we then put into his 3-ring binder, which is basically his portfolio for the year). Beneath the flaps, he wrote his answers.

A few of the literary devices he learned about are: flashback, predicting what might come next, palindrome, describing character traits, and even a little about Pig Latin, as well as a lot of word definitions.

I really like the concept of this program. It's comprehensive. And it's easy for the parent teacher to track and record the student's progress. I like that at the end of each day, you can upload your student's work, and click the box that the day's work has been completed. I also like the looks of the portfolio builder; very handy for states in which portfolios are required (which Florida is one of those states, to one degree).

Since we have basically always used a literature-based program in our home school, I have an appreciation for this program. I wish I could have used this with my daughter and my middle son, especially. But with SJ, because of his receptive expressive language disorder, I think this was a little more challenging than he could handle. Perhaps we truly needed to use a lower level than I chose for him.

If you are looking for a comprehensive language arts curriculum, and don't mind it being online, check into Home School Navigator. They do have samples of each level you can download.

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Home School Navigator Reading and Language Arts Curriculum {Home School Navigator Reviews}

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