Monday, September 7, 2009

The Move

It was several months before we were finally able to leave.

Around Thanksgiving time, my mother took a fall, and broke her clavicle. I was ready to load up the kids and head down to be with her at that time. I had to wait, though, until we had the tax refund, it was February before we could actually head for my folks' place.

So, we spent basically the next 4 years, sleeping in a small RV in their back yard, homeschooling the kids and helping my folks with things which with they needed help. And we found a wonderful little church family. For the first time ever, my older two kids had friends, and felt accepted and loved by those outside the family.

We found good diabetes care for Jen, too. As she moved deeper into her teen years, though, her blood sugars became more like a roller coaster than ever!! So did her moods!! :-p

We just continue with this journey, battle, whatever....

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