Monday, September 7, 2009

The nightmare

Frankly, I don't remember much of the next 9 days....only that I found it hard to eat or sleep. We had to go to court during that time.

I felt so alone; and it seemed like everyone was blaming me for all of this. Nearly everyone, in the town who knew me, and people at church, seemed to have the attitude that "Oh, Wendy got what she deserved!" And they seemed to be just waiting for me to fall apart, go insane, end up in the psych ward, or something like that.

But I spent the whole time praying, asking God for strength...and just plain relying on Him. I was determined to prove everyone wrong....I was not going to fall apart, I was not going to allow the evil one to get me down!!

It was hard, not knowing where my kids were; not knowing if they were okay. Then the day we went to court, the social worker told me that the kids would be coming home the next day, because Steven had been bitten by one of the other little boys there; and that Jen was refusing to eat or take her insulin!!!--And they had accused me of abuse and neglect???? Two days later, they were finally brought home to me!!

I hugged them soooooooooo tightly!! I will never, ever forget the look on Steven's face when he saw me! He had such a puzzled look, which seemed to say: "Mommy, where have you been? Why didn't you come get us sooner? Why didn't you save us from going through all this?"--Even now, it brings tears to my eyes, remembering.

That evening when we gave him his bath, we saw the numerous bite marks all over his back and bottom! Next day we took him to the attorney's office, and they took photos. (But they never, ever brought it up in court!! Never showed the judge those photos!!)

It was so good to have my kids back. But it still felt like we were on this journey alone, no support from the community, nor from those at church.

Altogether, we had to go to court four different times. Once, my mom even flew up from Kansas City, to testify on my behalf. Our last court date was in June. And I know the social worker and all the others were watching our every move. I knew they would continue. So, we began making plans to move away.

Our Journey Began
The Emotions at the Beginning
Continuing Journey

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