Friday, March 25, 2011

TOS Review: BigIQkids

"Mommy, may I get on the computer now, to do my schoolwork?"...I am hearing this question daily, since receiving the opportunity to use and review BigIQKids!! Yes, I hear this request before breakfast even!! :-) Can you imagine what that does to my heart? ;-)

Better still, my youngest actually declared: "I love math!!" I'm sorry folks, but that just brings tears of happiness to my eyes, since I have never heard any of my children say they even like math, much less love it!!

Let me tell you a little about this program that has provoked Little Bit to make this declaration.

BigIQkids is an online interactive program designed for children in grades K-8, covering Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, and US States facts. Each level adjusts to the level of your child. The parent is even able to make further adjustments. (You can learn more how it works by going here.)

For example, in Spelling: BigIQkids already has spelling lists by grade level, etc., but the parent can go in and input the spelling words the child is currently studying in their other schoolwork.

You can adjust how many words for the list in spelling, or how many math problems in math, or even how many questions in the US States segment. I like that feature very much! That way, Little Bit and Botanist Boy didn't feel so "bogged down"...

This video explains more about the program:

Which brings me to one point I am not that crazy about concerning this program: the voices used are very computerized. For the most part, that might not bother too many people; but with Little Bit's hearing impairment, I think it was challenging for him as far as the spelling words were concerned. One needs to hear clear articulation in order to accurately understand the word being pronounced, thus making it easier to properly spell the word.

The one thing that really motivated my boys to get their lessons completed was the fact that each lesson earned them a game coin. They could then use these coins to play games. The games they tend to choose most often seem to promote strategy and thinking skills, which have their own benefits! ;-)

Another feature I like is that an email is sent to me each time my child completes a level in each subject. That way I can keep track of the progress being made. I would like it better if the parent could also log in to BigIQkids with his/her own account, rather than through the child's account.

There are several payment options for BigIQkids. It is available for free, or you can purchase the premium program. (We received the premium program for our review!) There is also a free 7-day trial of the premium available.

Contact information:


Phone Number: 443-266-7267
Business Hours: 9 am-5 pm U.S. Eastern Time

Synergy1 Group, Inc.
PO Box 192
Glenwood, MD 21738

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  1. I hadn't thought about the computer voices and how they would challenge someone with a hearing impairment. And a great suggestion about parents accessing the site without going through their child's account. Enjoyed your review and am following~


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