Friday, January 29, 2016

M is for Migration

I know when I blogged the letter "B" for this round of Blogging Through the Alphabet, I discussed birds, particularly the Whooping Cranes. I also mentioned the petition for Operation Migration, and the fact that the USFWS wanted to end the ultralight-led migration.

Well, we learned earlier this week that the Operation Migration team is facing the end of ultralight guided migration. They are wrapping up the final migration, in just a matter of days. Two short flights left. The end.

I admit, I have been in tears often this week, as I think about that. More than ever now, I hope I can make it to the final flyover at St. Marks. I mean, after all, this year I am only about 2 1/2 hours away! I just don't know if I'd get the definite word early enough in the morning for me to make that drive, and get there in time.

What does this mean for Operation Migration? What does this mean for the Whooping Crane population? How will the awareness of these beautiful birds still be raised?

How will awareness be raised, so that totally uneducated people like that 18 year old kid in Texas won't do such stupid things as killing these beautiful, rare, endangered birds?

I hope you, my readers, will stay informed about the Whooping Cranes, by continuing to follow Operation Migration. Be sure to also follow Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, and even the International Crane Foundation. There is also the Whooping Crane Conservation Association. Also, the Friends of the Wild Whoopers organization.

Perhaps Journey North will continue updating about the Whooping Cranes as well. Journey North is a great educational site for those of us who teach children! They cover several migratory creatures: hummingbirds, monarch butterflies, the Whooping Cranes, even eagles and robins.

Maybe some day I'll meet some of you at a crane festival. There are several across the country. <grin>

My youngest and I sort of have a dream: When he reaches high school, we'd like to spend some time volunteering with Operation Migration, or some other organization that works with the Whooping Cranes.

Regardless, I plan to continue being as much of a voice for these amazing birds in some way. So, stay tuned!

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