Friday, December 9, 2016

A Review of Our Week, December 9

This has been Birthday Week for the Botanist Boy. I do not know how it happened so quickly, that he turned 17. Where, oh where, did the time go so quickly?!

He had a couple little celebrations throughout the week. Wednesday I took him out for brunch, at IHOP. Yummy!

We both chose Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pancakes, regular combo with hashbrowns, turkey bacon, and poached eggs. The only difference was, he had his poached eggs in a dish, and I had mine on toast.

Thursday (his birthday) we had pizza from Papa John's for lunch.

Our friends came over for a couple hours, so we could work together on finishing up the Native American Lore Pathfinder honor. They made a craft using materials that would have been available to the Native Americans.

After that we went to supper at our favorite special-occasion restaurant: Ivy House. They serve the BEST fried green tomatoes! The party included: us, my parents, Tim's girlfriend, and our dear friends, R, M, and J.
I always thought that, when kids got older, they might be better behaved in public situations...NOT! LOL

Tomorrow evening we will be having a bonfire birthday party, to which all the teens from church have been invited. That should be fun!

More big news: Jen was cleared to work this week. Wednesday was her first day back. She was happy to be back at work, and said the day (evening) went well.

We also spent the week working on decorating the Christmas tree, which we received secondhand from friends at church, along with a few ornaments, and strings of lights (which ended up not working; perhaps the fuses needed to be replaced?). We also received a few more ornaments and a box of candy canes to use for decorating the tree.
 How was your week? Please share!

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