Thursday, April 9, 2015

Living History {field trips} at Rossmont

One of our favorite subjects in our home school is history, I think. Probably the biggest reason for that is the ability to take field trips to so many living history events. I'll certainly admit that I didn't enjoy history much when I was in high school, especially world history. Ugh!

I've been determined that I would do what I could to make history enjoyable and memorable for my children. I think I have succeeded in that fairly well. I think at least two, maybe three, of my children have a keen interest in history themselves.

I know I have shared some of our field trips in the past. Like Oakley Plantation, an Audubon State Historic Site; Rosedown Plantation; and Rosemont Plantation, which was Jefferson Davis' boyhood home (and which is just a bit down the road from us). Or when we took a train ride, in southeast Tennessee, when we went to visit the university my daughter wished to attend (and Botanist Boy is already making plans to attend). Or when we visited the Indian Mounds in Natchez.

We have visited C.M. Russell's home, a decade ago when we still lived in Montana (see, yes, we have been doing field trips our whole homeschooling journey!).
We have visited state capitols.
We have even visited the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine.
Within the past couple months, we have attended Cracker Days at Rainbow Springs State Park, and two Civil War Reenactments.
 Cracker Days
 Civil War Reenactment in Williston
Civil War Reenactment at Port Hudson, Louisiana

Our field trips aren't always social studies/history related. Sometimes they are science related, like our recent field trip to Homosassa Springs State Park.
Someday I'd like to take my boys to places like Gettysburg, Washington, D.C., Kitty Hawk, all of the historical sites related to Laura and Almanzo Wilder (we have seen their home in Mansfield, Missouri, at least!), the Alamo, Williamsburg and Jamestown. Someday...

What are some interesting field trip options in your area? Who knows? Maybe someday we'll come visit one of those!

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  1. What a wonderful way to live history class, so much fun!


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