Friday, April 10, 2015

Fridays at Rossmont

Today is the final day of the blog hop. I am thankful you have stopped by each day, and am glad you have come back today.

Our Fridays tend to follow a different schedule from the rest of the week.

For one thing, it is our preparation day, to prepare for the Sabbath. We do our weekly housecleaning chores: dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms. I like to also make sure the bird feeders are full, and the hummingbird feeders replenished.

Friday usually means "spelling test day" too, if I remember to administer the test!

In our church denomination, we have a youth club, called Pathfinders (grades 5-12) and Adventurers (grades K-4). These are similar to Scouts, and 4H. Even though our local church doesn't have a club, I have the boys working on classwork and honors here at home. Friday is our day to work on these projects.

Currently, Little Bit is working on the Amphibians honor. Botanist Boy is just starting Journalism. I may try to add another one for each of them.

Friday is more of a hands-on, less book work, day. It was the day we would do our Five in a Row meals, when we were still in Five in a Row. If there are meal ideas to go along with our current studies, Friday will be our day for that.

We also prepare special dishes for our Sabbath dinner, on Fridays. When the children were younger (I am meaning Tim and Jen!), we used to have a special candlelight supper on Friday evening, to welcome in the Sabbath. Sadly, we haven't gotten out of that practice.

Thank you for coming along with us this week. I hope you have gained some insight to what real life homeschooling looks like, not just from visiting my blog, but my Crew mates' as well. Have a blessed day!

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