Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 Gratitude Challenge--November 2

Today I am very grateful for the satellite system we have, which brings us 3ABN, 3ABN Proclaim, 3ABN Dare to Dream, HopeTV, HopeChurch, Amazing Facts TV, as well as other Christian channels.

The church we would attend is nearly an hour away. Awhile back, they started having church at 9:00am each Sabbath morning, followed by Sabbath School. Between church starting that early, with how early we'd have to be up and out the door, and the distance we'd have to drive, with the cost of gasoline...well, that's why I am grateful for the satellite system!

We can watch Hope Sabbath School, Sacramento Central Sabbath School, Dwight Nelson at Pioneer Memorial Church, and many others. It doesn't decrease our loneliness for real-life interaction with fellow believers, but it does bring us a rich blessing each Sabbath.

What are you grateful for today? Stop by and share on Brenda's blog, and follow along through the month.

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