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Do you like going to an all you can eat buffet or salad bar? If so, then you will like, because it's a lot like a smorgasbord of information and lesson plans. The great thing about it, you don't have to do the planning!

The past couple months or so, I have been trying to at least skim all that is available through, I think I've only touched "the tip of the iceberg"! It's unbelievable how much information to which you can have access!

Main categories are: Schoolhouse Teachers; Schoolhouse Dailies; Schoolhouse Library; Schoolhouse Extras.

Some of the Schoolhouse teachers, and the subjects they provide, are: Kim Kautzer, from WriteShop, shares daily writing prompts; Matthew Glavach, offers help for struggling readers; Michelle Miller, from TruthQuest provides a monthly reading list; David Chandler offers high school math lessons; Diana Waring teaches history; Terri Johnson, at Knowledge Quest, is our geography teacher. And if you need help with chemistry, Joey Hajda will help you there!

A couple of subjects I've had Jen working on are Career Exploration and College Choice Guidance. I'm starting to wonder if we aren't going to be continuing our homeschool journey at least part way through college!

The Schoolhouse Library contains:
  • Copybooks--two each month
  • Homeschool Life (articles)
  • Monthly Theme
  • Reading List, new each month
  • currently Summer Reading List
  • Art shelf
  • Craft Shelf
  • Homemaking and Housekeeping Shelf
  • Nature shelf
  • Reading shelf
  • Spelling shelf
The Schoolhouse Dailies are awesome. You could just spend all your time there, because they change each day! You'll find:
  • Summer Olympics (at least at this time)
  • Daily Math
  • Daily Grammar
  • Daily Writing with Kim Kautzer
  • This Day in History—fascinating facts from each day of the month
  • Ditch the Desk! Hands-on for K through 5th grade
  • Everyday Easels
  • Everyday Explorers: Canada
  • Everyday Explorers: USA
  • Pre-K Activities: Read and Play
  • Summer Shakespeare
  • This Month’s Menu—daily recipes for your kitchen
I've been going to the daily writing each day, and printing the assignment off for the Botanist Boy to complete. Some of the writing suggestions provided lately are things like, write a story using this list of 5-10 words; write about your summer/family vacation; write, using rhyming, or alliteration; etc. I really like the various topics/suggestions offered.

Another of my favorite features is the monthly reading list. The list is provided right on the site, but a pdf is also available, so you can print it off, and take it with you to the library or bookstore. The suggested books are wonderful, living books.

Then there are the "extras"! Subscription to The Old Schoolhouse digital magazine. There are even apps available for Apple devices, Android devices, and the Kindle Fire. Now you can read the monthly issues on your device!! Sometimes I download them on to my computer, too. Back issues are also available.

There is a free monthly e-book, as well as collections of bonus e-books available. Don't forget the Schoolhouse Expo!

And most amazing of all are the Planners! Those are absolutely awesome! The main planner is 800 pages or so, of articles, interactive forms (for homeschool planning, household, and calendars). Besides the main one, there are also Primary, Intermediate, High School, and even one for your Special Needs child.

How much does all this cost?! Only $1.00 for the first month! Then just $5.95 per month after that; or purchase a 1-year membership for $64.26 — save up to 10% when an entire year is purchased! Prices are in US dollars; outside of US price may vary. Sign up today!

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