Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back to Homeschool--Homeschool Planning

Welcome back, to day three of the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop!

Today we're talking about planning. I'll admit, I am one of those who really enjoys planning, and planning, and planning.... Sometimes I almost think I enjoy planning more than carrying out those plans! ;-)

My first step is basically doing a rough plan for the year.

Currently, for Little Bit, I have chosen 2 or 3 Five in a Row units per month, and I plan to fit one or two Download N Go units in each month as well....unless I use a Unit Study Adventure unit for both boys together. 

The Botanist Boy is scheduled for a Beyond Five in a Row unit, about one every 6-8 weeks. I hope we can fit in a few Unit Study Adventure units throughout the year, as well. Like, right now, we are doing the Olympics 2012 unit study.

I have a form, which looks like this, which I use.

Then I take my Five in a Row planner (which can be purchased in the Five in a Row Digital store), and plan out the lessons I wish to cover for each book I'll have the boys cover throughout the year. Sometimes I plan several books at a time, or sometimes I'll have time to only plan one at a time.

I like that the planner pages not only have space to plan the FIAR or Beyond lessons, but I can add in math assignments, etc., on the same form. I won't "plug in" those assignments too far in advance, usually only the beginning of the week.

I have to make sure I remember to pencil in Little Bit's therapy days into the schedule, as well as his and Jen's orthodontist appointments, etc.

Now for this year, for Botanist Boy, I may also attempt to use the weekly planning forms, which are numbered for weeks one through forty-two. These would make it easier for him to work more independently, and are found in the planners from The Old Schoolhouse. You can find them at (watch for my review of coming in a day or two!).

One thing that makes me almost hang my head in shame is the fact that I tend to be really good at planning things out, but not so strong in following through! Eek! Do you suffer from this "malady" too? ;-)

Be sure to come back tomorrow, and I'll share our classroom.

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  1. Egad. Follow-through (or lack of!) is a malady I suffer from too. :) It's constantly an effort to be diligent and I try to remember my kids are learning from me.

    Thanks for these ideas!!! :)

    1. Whew, Gwen! I'm glad to know there is at least ONE other person who shares this malady! ;-)

  2. I'm totally with you! Follow-through is not my strong point!


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