Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Days of Blogging: Gardening, Day 4

Hello, and welcome back. I certainly hope you have been enjoying glimpses of our gardens, etc.

Have you heard of the TV show on Create TV, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home? One of my favorite shows; I enjoy watching, and getting ideas that I wish we could incorporate around our home.

Meanwhile, today I'll just share some photos of our flowers and flower bed. This flower bed was planted here, after our portable swimming pool had been here for several months, creating a nice bare spot. All we had to do then was till the spot, and scatter the seeds.

Flowerbed Spring, 2011

This year, the flowerbed is all reseeded from last year, or "volunteer" if you will. We've done nothing to it.

Flowerbed Spring, 2012

Some of the other flowers around our place:

Just a few photos of our flowers over the past couple years. Imagine if I actually had a DSLR!.....Someday....(I'm saving up for one right now...)

What is your favorite flower? Are you able to grow them where you live?

Be sure to come back tomorrow, when I'll share about our container gardening, and the Botanist Boy's houseplants. While you're here, I'd be very pleased, and honored, if you'd take the time to follow my blog!

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  1. My favorite flower is Freesias. No, I cannot grow them here. Well, I could but I'd have to dig the bulbs up in the fall and that just seems like too much work :)

    Beautiful photos!


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