Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge--Day 26

Today I am so grateful that I was actually able to sleep in!! I am grateful to be at home, with hubby and the kids, and not out facing crowds at stores...I don't like crowds!!

Kids have done most, if not all, of the Sabbath-preparation housecleaning. Since we have leftovers from yesterday, I shouldn't have to do much, if any, meal preps for tomorrow!! Hubby is sorting through some of his stuff, and organizing it, and straightening his part of the bedroom (what a way to spend his day off, eh? LOL).

Perhaps later, we will watch some Christmas movies, play some games....maybe put up the Christmas tree and decorations....snack on leftovers....

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  1. We had similar days. I slept late, didn't cook, put up the tree and some decorations... it was good.


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