Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog 30 Days of Diabetes--Day 25

Happy Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving is often a busy day, so you can keep it simple: What did you enjoy for your thanksgiving dinner?

We spent about half the day traveling today, to spend a few hours with some of my husband's family: his mother, two of his sisters, one brother, and parts of their families. But our time on the road was worth it, to see his mom especially....and have some of her chocolate pie.

We had smoked turkey; baked turkey; sweet potato casserole; Stove Top stuffing; cranberry sauce; dinner rolls; Special K Roast; and pie! Chocolate; pumpkin; pecan; lemon chess....Hubby got to bring one of the chocolate pies home with him, since his birthday is in a few days! ;-)

We were also able to go next door, to hubby's sister's, where they served some of the same things we had, as well as: deviled eggs; lima beans; creamed corn; potatoes and gravy.

And the kids all had fun, either playing video games, or playing outside.

I hope your Thanksgiving was special, too. Pin It Now!

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