Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blog 30 Days of Diabetes--Day 12

“Friends & Family Friday” – Who is your biggest support and how do they help you in managing your diabetes?

Since I am not the one with diabetes, I will answer from my daughter's perspective. I would imagine I am her biggest support, and have been from day one.

I was with her in the hospital; we took the crash course together in learning what diabetes is and how to care for it. I am the one who has been with her to every doctor's appointment. I am the one who who has always helped/reminded her to check her blood sugars, take her insulin, count carbs, etc.

Even now, nearly 7 years later, and even though she is 17 now, I am still there for her! Most meals she tells me what her blood sugar is, or I ask. She texts me her bedtime blood sugar nearly every night. Periodically I download her monitor readings on to the computer. I still go with her to her doctor's appointments. A year ago, we took a diabetes class together at a nearby pharmacy. As she gets older, she is learning to take more and more of the responsibility of her care.

Another person who has been a big support on our team is my wonderful husband, Jen's stepdad. He asks how her blood sugars are, gives suggestions on how to better maintain those acceptable levels (decrease carbs, increase exercise, etc.), and just offers emotional support in general. Pin It Now!

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