Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Rest of the Story......

The last "chapter" of our saga, we were still at my folks', waiting for our van to be repaired. Monday came.....long and drawn out. About 3:00 in the afternoon, the service manager called to say the van was ready. He said they had put in a new battery, put a new kit on the newly-replaced alternator, and I don't remember now what else he said.....But they still hadn't done anything with the throttle position sensor....

I was happy to drive it back to my folks, without the check engine light coming on, or the reduced engine power message lighting up!!! The children and I eagerly loaded up the van, then tried to sleep one more night in the recliners, on the floor, and on the little love seat.

Tuesday morning saw us up, and on our way before dawn. I was eager to get the drive over with, get back to our house, and my own bed in which I'd be able to stretch out! ;)

We were making pretty good time, too! But I was still praying as we went, that we would arrive home safely, without further trouble from the van, etc....Then, within about 20 miles from the exit at which we'd spent the night on our way to my folks', all of a sudden there was that familiar "ding".....and the reduced engine power light came on!!! My heart stood still, and my stomach dropped to my toes! The suddenly I became angry: angry at the mechanics who wouldn't listen, and fix what should have been fixed in the first place!

So I took it to the GM dealership at the exit at which we'd spent the night on our way to my folks'. They talked to my husband, and they talked to the service manager back near my folks' place. They ran diagnostics on it.....

After sitting there, waiting, for four hours! they finally said they had checked everything out, and all they found was that the peddle sensor the first mechanic (my dad's mechanic) put in had been "installed incorrectly" so they adjusted that....and sent us on our way!

We didn't even make it 30 miles down the road before that "reduced engine power" light came on!! By this time, it was nearly time for hubby to be getting off work, so I asked if he could drive to meet us, and drive home with us the rest of the way. He did. And he told me what I needed to do: connect the meter he had purchased before, and clear the codes every time the check engine light came on.

So, dear daughter and I learned how to do that, while traveling down the interstate! The closer we got to Mobile, and that tunnel under the bay, the more nervous I became....what if the engine cut out on me while going through that tunnel?! I told the kids to pray; told daughter dear to text a few key people to pray immediately for us......

It was with a sigh of relief we reached the other side of the tunnel; the other side of Mobile! It was an even bigger relief to meet hubby at the Mississippi welcome center!! Even greater was our relief to finally be home again!!!

....Only to find out, we had no internet!!! But that is another story!!! ;)

Our van is still not working properly.....the check engine/reduced engine power lights come on more and more often.....Today hubby ordered a TPS, and he and the boys will try to install it themselves, since none of the mechanics/technicians would take care of it. I certainly hope that will solve the problem.....If not, well, I really do believe GM will be hearing from us!!! Pin It Now!

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