Friday, May 28, 2010

Winding down the school year

Our school year is winding down. My younger two are finished with this year's school work (I'm not telling them yet that next school year starts next Tuesday! ;-) No, not really; next school year will start July 1; I tend to have us on a July through June school year).

The younger two have made a tremendous amount of progress throughout the year--in spite of my feeling stressed and pressured from "outside sources" and all that.

The teenagers are still wrapping up their school work for the year. It has become increasingly challenging for the oldest, my high school senior, since he has a job, too. But a special little graduation ceremony is planned for next month.

I hope we can fit in some fun field trips, maybe some trips to the woods and the river for swimming. Sometimes I wish I didn't feel so unduly pressured to make the kids do so much book work, and allow them to do more hands on learning....which is really the best kind of learning, especially for boys!

Of course we will work on reading lots of books throughout the summer, and work on some math, play educational games, and watch educational videos. I think it may be a pretty hot summer, so we may need to be inside quite a bit, anyway.

During this break from regular school work, I will take the opportunity to work on plans for next year....Fun, fun, fun!! Actually, the planning is fun, for me!

Wishing you all a good and safe Memorial Day weekend!! Pin It Now!

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