Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wrens, again....

On Sabbath, May 8, we noticed quite a bit of activity around the wren nest. The parents were busy bringing food, and being very vocal. I took several pictures throughout the afternoon.

Pretty soon, my daughter came in and told me the nest was empty....and this was only about 45 minutes after I had just taken the above photos! So, I went back out, and sure enough! I found 

The empty nest

The back yard seemed so quiet after all the activity. We never saw the juvenile wrens after that. 

Some day I will have an empty nest. Sometimes that thought seems sad and depressing! I also know it will be many, many years before it is completely empty, because my youngest is only 7 (almost 8). But it is almost time for my oldest to "leave the nest"....and I am just not sure my mother heart is ready for that. How does one let go, and let them fly?  How does one prepare her heart for that? Oh, I know they will always come back, at least for a visit at times. And it is a wonderful thing to see them grow up, develop lives of their own, knowing that, with God's help, I had a part in helping them become the people they are now. My prayer is, they will always live their lives to the honor and glory of God!

One little bit of good news: a few days ago, the kids noticed wrens checking out the planter again. So, maybe there will be another nest before the summer is over....
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