Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Storms of life, part 2

The other day, while watching Gustav approach Louisiana (with the knowledge that it would be going right over Baton Rouge, where my beloved and his daughter live), I wrote down my thoughts, and posted them earlier.

This morning, I was reading The Advocate online, seeing the damage caused to Louisiana's capitol city. I can't help but weep. I haven't heard from my beloved since Sunday night, so my heart aches to hear from him, to hear how he and his daughter are. But I also weep at the destruction that has taken place in the area. The nation's eyes have been focused on New Orleans, holding our breaths while this storm approached an area still recovering from Katrina three years ago almost to the day. But will we hear much about what has taken place just 75-80 miles away?  What about other nearby areas, like Mississippi or even Alabama? Sorry, New Orleans, it isn't all about you this time!

I ask that you will pray for all those affected by this storm. Thank you. And, please, let me know you are praying; sometimes I feel like no one even reads my blog!  LOL

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  1. You have such a tender heart. Never lose it. Praying you hear from your sweetie and find that he weathered the storm well.

    Love ya,

    Wendy KY

  2. Agreeing with you and praying the scriptures you posted on your other blog.

  3. I am praying for all the people that this storm has touched.

    Edwena from FIAR

  4. Praying for you to have the peace that passes all understanding even if you DON'T have news. But I know. I grew up on the coast and almost all my extended family lives along the coast so I understand.



  5. Wendy.....I'm praying about the storms and all the people affected. I know you are worried, but please know that sometimes it takes a good 2-3 days (or 4) to get the word out that you are okay (after a hurricane..when lines are busy, down, cell towers down etc). We had Frances and Jeanne in 2004 3 weeks away from each other to the day. The eye passed over us. We were without power/internet/cell phones for 3 days. The only way we ended up getting a call out was when we got hold of a regular plug in phone (non electric...remember those?). We borrowed one from fil and found out that we still had phone service...just couldn't use the cordless. I imagine a lot of people are in that situation right now! We had Wilma in Oct 2005 (a cat 3) and were without power for 5 days. I'm sure your loved ones are fine... I know it is hard without hearing, but most likely they are dealing with major incoveniences right now (like no power, and trying to figure out which stores are open to buy ice, and other after storm necessities). It becomes survival mode. Hugs to you!! I know how worried I would be. Denise in FL (FIAR) and FB friend

  6. I read, I read! I come often to check and see if there's an update.....glad to see one!

    I hope your beloved and his daughter are safe.


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