Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update on my beloved

I just wanted to let you all know the status of my fiance in the Baton Rouge area. As you may have heard, Baton Rouge was hit very hard by Gustav. The last I had talked to my beloved was Sunday night, when he told me that he was taking his daughter to her grandparents' place, and then he was going to the TV station for the duration.

He lives in a double wide mobile home, and knew it would not be a safe place to be. He had to be at work anyway, for when they needed him to go work on the transmitter for the station. And I had asked him to call me when he had a chance, to let me know how he was doing.

I heard nothing yesterday. I was very thankful to have the church picnic to attend, to help keep my mind on other things! And to keep me from sitting at the computer all day, watching the news unfold! Even when I went to bed last night, I was fairly calm about it all. I woke fairly early this morning, though, and went to the website for his TV station and sister newspaper, and began reading what had taken place/was taking place in Baton Rouge. I just began weeping, at all the destruction!

Thanks to prayers from friends, both "in real life" and online, I felt a basic calm and peace in my heart...yet, still felt a bit tense, and ached to at least hear his voice! Fortunately, Steven had therapy today, so that was something else to keep my mind and time occupied! I even tried once to call him, but all circuits were busy.

Finally this evening he called, from the TV station. He is okay; his daughter is okay. He is totally exhausted, though; he has had only about 6 hours sleep the past 4 days.

He couldn't get through by phone to his daughter, so he finally managed to get over there...and just held her tight for like 5 minutes! He also went to see his house. A huge tree has fallen on it, on the master bedroom/bathroom and I think part of the living room. All of his important things were there in that part of the house: his important papers (in two filing cabinets); his computers (his personal one and his business one, for his "freelance" work; he services the area transmitter for KLOVE); all his keepsakes; his clothes. He has only the clothes he took with him, and whatever was in the laundry room.

He was feeling so overwhelmed, and so totally exhausted, I know he can't think clearly right now. But I do know he is going to need some physical help; he has been in 4 auto accidents in the past few years (rear ended all 4 times, I think); his back can't handle strenuous physical labor now. Right now, I wish I could take Timothy (when it is safe to do so) and go over there to help in any way we can! I will wait for John to see what is most helpful to him.

Please keep him in your prayers...and all the others affected by that area. And pray I can keep strong for him! I know he is going to need any emotional strength I can offer, too.

Thank you!
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