Sunday, February 17, 2008

January, 2008

The start of a new year. Can you believe it is 2008 already?--I just think it is so incredible, unbelievable. What changes will take place this year, both in the children, and in the world in general. Maybe this will be the year the Lord will return!! Wouldn't that be wonderful!?

Our year began with a few days at the beach, in Alabama, with Grandma and Grandpa A. It was their birthday present to me. It was wonderful to get away from the stress of everyday life, not have to worry about divorce proceedings, etc.!

The first couple days were pretty cool and breezy!! It was a little miserable walking the beach, looking for shells, in the mornings. I think all totaled, I may have walked about 3 miles a day along the beach. I found sand dollars, a starfish, and many other lovely little shells.

When Steven went shell collecting, he would pick up many pieces of large sand dollars; he didn't care if they were broken!! LOL Daniel and Jennifer both enjoyed collecting shells as well. By the end of the week, particularly my birthday, the children were playing in the Gulf!!

While at that resort, the children participated in a Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by the resort. One of the requirements was collecting 3 pieces of sand dollars!! Do you think we were able to fulfill that one?? LOL We received a prize for participating: a little nutcracker, and an address book.

The following week, Grandma and Grandpa were on the Atlantic coast of Florida for a week, so we went over to spend one night there. We saw dozens of dolphins swim by Wednesday morning! That was so awesome!! Grandpa took the older three to play miniature golf, and Grandma and I took Steven down to the craft room, and let him make a couple crafts.

Then it was time to get back in to the groove of schoolwork. Daniel and I "rowed" the book, Hanna's Cold Winter, which kicked of a study on World War II for Timothy and Jennifer. Daniel is also working on math, and going through Reading Made Easy to learn phonics and reading.

Jennifer is working on usual 8th grade classwork.

Tim is working on chemistry this semester, along with Algebra (with which he really struggles), and history and LA. He is also taking Personal Fitness through the Florida Virtual School, and still anxiously waiting to get his learner's permit!

On Sabbath, the 19th, we went with friends of ours, the E family, to go on a Bald Eagle watching event. It was pretty cool. There was about 1-2 dozen Bald Eagles...among the hundreds of gulls and vultures.

On Sabbath, the 12, Jennifer told the children's story at church. She is getting so she has the story maybe once every three months or so! She does a fine job too. She was also able to babysit one night during the month, for our friend, Mrs. V.

We spent much of the month anxiously awaiting another birding event: the arrival of the Whooping Cranes, on their ultra-light led migration from Wisconsin. This has become an annual event for us! It is an awesome thing to see 3-4 ultra lights leading around 17 majestic Whooping Cranes! It truly brings tears to the eyes!

When you stop to think that about 50 years ago or so, there were only about 15 of these magnificent birds, and now there are over 200, it sends thrills through my soul!!

The flyover event finally took place January 27, after 96 days of migration!! You can read about that here. Our friends from church, Mr. and Mrs. N, and Mrs. N's family from Germany, were able to be there to see the thrilling event too, but the E family was unable to make it, as was the S family.

In the next post, I will include some photos from the month. Pin It Now!

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  1. I think that you have done a terrific job on this blog, Wendy, and I hope the rest of the family really enjoys it. Mom


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