Friday, August 19, 2016

Random 5 Friday, August 19

1. Today is my parents' Sixtieth Anniversary! I can't imagine being married 60 years. I mean, really; the longest I've made it is about 10-11 years. (Well, cumulative, I guess I've been married about 28 years total).

My parents' "secret?" First, a strong faith in God, and in their vows of "in sickness and in health" and "till death do us part." Second, their motto of "I'd rather fight than switch!"
2. Our new home school year is under way. The first week of this month was spent with the boys assisting at Vacation Bible School. These past two weeks, we have been studying about the Summer Olympics. Besides working on the Summer Olympics unit study, from Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, we "have" to watch the Olympics. Terrible, I know, right? <grin>

3. The boys are taking some online classes through a virtual school this year. SJ is taking just Creative Photography. DL is taking Creative Photography, and remedial math. We also plan for him to take the Driver's Ed class.

4. I know I've shared some already about the catastrophic flooding in Mississippi and Louisiana. And I shared a picture from out at the transmitter site. Hubby sent me a new picture on Thursday:
5. I'd like to leave you with this video (you may want tissues nearby):
Please continue to pray for the people of Louisiana and Mississippi. As friends and family have checked in, I have learned that one of my brothers-in-law apparently lost everything. The brother of one of my high school classmates had 17 inches of water in his house. Others fared better.

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  1. Concratulations with your parents. Praying for the people of Louisiana and M.


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