Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Blogging Challenge, Day 27

What is the best thing that has happened this year? Or the most fun we've had all summer?

Well, the most fun we've had all summer is our visit to Florida! But all good things must come to an end...we had to travel home today. And that trip wasn't particularly fun.

It was smooth sailing, until about Pensacola, when the air conditioning died on us. From there on, we had to drive with the windows down...and we were facing heat advisories all the way along the Gulf Coast. Ugh.

The when we got nearly to the state line between Mississippi and Louisiana, they told us at the visitor center that there was road construction ahead, and gave us directions for an alternate route, which took us the scenic way, through some of the bayous of the southeast corner of Louisiana...an area we'd never seen before.

The closer we got to home, the worse our engine sounded. And the more earnestly we prayed!

When we were nearly 15 miles or so from home, we ran in to more road construction; further delays.

But we made it home safely! And I got to give my oldest boy a birthday hug!

The best thing that has happened this year? Little Bit being baptized!

What is the best thing that has happened for you this year? The most fun you've had this summer?

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