Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Blogging Challenge, Day 28

As you may have already figured out, we are animal lovers around here.

It seems strange to be down to just one house cat.
It wasn't long ago that we had two goats, a dozen chickens, nearly a dozen rabbits, three indoor cats and two or three outdoor cats, a couple of dogs, a pair of parakeets...oh, and that donkey!
I do keep bird feeders filled, for the birds. They are such a joy to watch, and a pleasure to listen to.

While I was growing up, we always had pets. Ones that I remember: ponies, goats, guinea pigs, fish, birds of various kinds, hamsters and gerbils, and always dogs and cats. We've had some unusual pets, too: a skunk, a chinchilla, hermit crabs.

My grandparents and parents raised Siberian Huskies, to show. Other favorite dogs were Shetland Sheepdogs and Welsh Corgis. My mom had a beautiful Burnese Mountain Dog when I was little. She was such a sweet dog. We had a bouncy Old English Sheepdog. She was a lot of fun!

My very first dog was a little black Pekingese, named Kirin. How I loved that little dog! Another dog from my girlhood was a little black ragamuffin dog (mixed breed, a Heinz 57). I called her Twinkle. She was a cheerful little dog.

To be honest, I really miss having a dog. We'd love to have another Great Pyrenees. We really loved our Blaireau.
And I really miss Jen's cat. He ranked among my top favorite cats, a real sweetheart. He's becoming an old cat now.
Has your family had pets? Favorite animals? Please share about them.

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